There is out of touch…

And then there’s this…

On May 15 the New York Times editorial board suggested it is a “bizarre premise” to push campus carry on the grounds that allowing law-abiding students to shoot back will make them safer.

Full article, HERE. from Breitbart…

And then their is this…

Rod Wheeler, a former homicide detective with the Washington, D.C., force — whose face was made famous while serving as a television pundit during the O.J. Simpson trial — offered up some interesting news about the recently murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich that went like this: He was “absolutely” emailing WikiLeaks.

From the Washington Times, HERE.

I can remember a number of people ‘wondering’ if there was a connection at the time…


There is out of touch… — 10 Comments

  1. Could you imagine the quantity of corpses piling up all over the country if the lamestream media were going after the hildebeast like they are going after Trump? It would make a Chicago weekend look like a love fest.

  2. Mark Twain almost got it right: “Lies, damned lies, statistics, and the mass media.” (Fixed it for him.)

  3. Take a syringe, fill it with sodium pentathol, inject it into Hillary Clinton’s neck, and ask her about the Seth Rich murder. I realize that the results can’t be used against the Bitch of Benghazi in court – but if she was caught on video standing over Rich’s warm corpse holding the smoking gun, the FBI would have given her a pass. At least the family would have closure and would know why Rich was murdered – for sure.

    Rich’s tradecraft left a lot to be desired. Then again, he was a young man, unacquainted with the dark arts, and made the fatal mistake of underestimating the Clinton machine. In that he wasn’t alone. I’m sure that he’s up there, comparing notes with Vince Foster.

  4. Is there a conspiracy? Maybe. Would a political party or, more likely, an elite cadre of political insiders, commit premeditated murder as part of a cover up? I believe they would.

  5. Hey Old NFO;

    I was reading about this case on “drudge” and again I was amazed by the brazen influence of the DNC and the Clinton Machine. I noticed that the Liberals loved Wiki when it was being used to beat up on “W”, but now all of a sudden they are a “vast right wing” organization for exposing the legitimate emails from Hillary and Podesta and the weasels in the Media.

  6. I don’t see what is bizarre about shooting back if someone is shooting at you, or slashing at you with a knife. Makes perfect sense to me.

    The problem is Trump won the election and since November, nothing has “gone right” for the MSM. They just can’t wrap their brains around the fact that a large number of folks don’t think the MSM are the smartest folks in the room, and the unwashed masses are not bowing and scraping at their every request or direction. Heck, many of us are turning off our TV’s and not watching them.

    I think that for anyone to say the DNC and/or the Clinton crowd is not somehow, someway tied up with Seth Rich’s murder would be very naïve…or maybe I’ve just gotten very old and cynical over the past few years. Cause anyway you look at it, something really, really stinks to high heaven. I just feel sorry for his parents, to have this not solved, and dragged through the press again.

  7. Oy. My head hurts from all the conspiracies and drama in the land. Can we go back to 1950? Is it too late? Really?