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Tom, over at DaddyBear’s Den is out with the last installment of the Minivandians tale!

From the young prince’s competition in the derby of wooden chargers to the tales of his family’s past come close calls, challenges, and triumph!

When the Lady of Eyre and Daddybear make it to her native land, all is not well. One lord is raiding and enslaving, and others are silenced by gold or lies. When he sets his eyes on Daddybear’s lady and her lands, though, he awakens the full cunning and fury of her barbarian!

I am proud to say I was one of the beta readers for it, and it brings the Minivandian’s back story to a close in a very well written and well paced way, and it’s a fun read too! Battles, subversions, and interesting plot twists round out the story in a truly satisfying fashion!

Click on the pic to get your copy today!

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Feed a starving writer… — 5 Comments

  1. Bought it. Reading it. When finished, I will do my homework and put up a review so that more folks will be lured into buying so that more pencils, paper, pixels and bourbon can be procured.

    I like it so far…