Here we go again…

Different verse, same as the first…

First it was reciprocal carry, which got stripped out of HR 218, with the promise of “next year”… OBTW, that was 2004…

Now, it’s the Hearing Protection Act.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and other gun rights groups are fighting to change the public perception of “silencers” — or “sound suppressors” — that reduce the noise of gunfire.

It’s all about the ‘visual’ if you will. But as always, the banners don’t want ANYTHING that reeks of ‘gun’. Even though there are already over 900,000 suppressors currently in private hands today…

“It’s all semantics,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. 
“Focusing on the name distracts people from the real conversation,” Watts said. “They did the same thing with the debate over whether to use the term ‘assault rifles’ or ‘semiautomatic rifles,’ and then the whole conversation shifted to ‘What are we going to call these things?’” 
“They want to get into semantics about the language, so we don’t talk about how dangerous they are.”
Full article, HERE.
Are they trying to punish us? Do they want us to lose our hearing, just because we shoot?



Here we go again… — 14 Comments

  1. Erg. They want us to go away. However they term it by propaganda or otherwise is semantics. +1 Rev Paul

    • With them in control of course, and us mere serfs (or peons) shutting up and sitting down.

  2. I cannot say it any better than the above commenters.

  3. It is indeed semantics, at least in the classical sense of those branches of logic and linguistics that deals with meaning. Of course, that is not how our “dear friend” is using the word. No, she seeks to convince people it is a meaningless argument over words, pretending words do not mean things. She points that out quite ably, though I am sure unintentionally, when she references the term “assault rifles.” As a general rule, words only matter to gun control advocates when it serves their purposes for them to matter. Even then, what matters is not legitimate terms with recognized definitions, but terms chosen for emotional impact with bizarre definitions that suit their arguments.

  4. I don’t care what you call them. Something that lowers the decibel level from about 160 to about 130 is an improvement, but ya still better be wearing your hearing protection. If you were running a jackhammer at 130 decibels, OSHA would want ya to “have your ears on”.

    And #2: What in God’s little green apples?!?! ““I don’t think it matters, because lawn mowers aren’t responsible for the deaths of about 90 Americans each day.” says the lady from Bloomies group. I’m will to bet cold hard cash that “guns” (or shooters even) are not responsible for the deaths of about 90 Americans a day either!! That would be 32,850 a year! Not even in Chicago were 32,850 people shot last year, never mind killed!!

    Talk about misleading semantics! Sheesh! Even MY math isn’t THAT bad.

    • But but but suz – if you used ‘common core’ then their math would make ‘perfect’ sense.

  5. All- Thanks! And agreed, it’s playing ‘games’. LL- This is in Congress.

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  6. Gotta keep letting everyone know that in the socialist countries in Europe where people can and do still shoot, suppressors and not only allowed but in some places they are required. Since the leftists who hate us want to be like Europe so bad, this should give them a collective brain freeze right there.