Seems like ‘most’ of the things in the ‘news’ or what passes for it lately is either a hoax, an outright lie, or projections on the part of the MSM to ‘convince’ us of something…

I’m just hunkering down and writing this weekend, and piss on the media.


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  1. I haven’t bought a news paper in years. I don’t have a bird to line the cage nor any fish to wrap. However, they do make good kindling for campfires, but I don’t camp anymore. They say ignorance is bliss, so I am considering burying my head in the sand and let the world go to hell around me. I won’t, though. That would mean I would have to give up reading you and LL and that is not an option.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    I plan on doing some light blogging, and a huge “honey doo” list this weekend, my time is running out, for soon band camp will start and everything else will be on the back burner except sleep, work and band camp…..

      • If I was an unscrupulous prick, I’d have tapped into the global warming/cooling/weather scam and would have done a study that would have been peer reviewed by other unscrupulous pricks. Likewise, I’d have reviewed their drivel.

        I didn’t. I couldn’t. But many could and did.

        Now President Trump threatens the gravy train. STOP TRUMP!

    • Yep, and algore has gotten waaaay more of his ‘fair share’ of that ‘redistribution’……………

  3. Let’s see here: The north and south polar regions have been receding on Mars at statistically the same rate as on Earth …..I wonder if there could be a common factor?

  4. The media and idiots first started this scam around 1899. IIRC, about every 25 years, they would switch “cold” for “warm”. Same old bull.

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