It figures…

With the shooting of the Republicans at baseball practice yesterday morning, by an avowed Bernie liberal and possible campaign volunteer, depending on which media you read, the left was already spouting their crap about gun control before the blood was even dry… Had Steve Scalise not been there, with his Capitol Police detail, this could have been MUCH worse! Apparently the first response did not arrive for almost 10 minutes, by which time the detail had already taken the shooter out. And KUDOS to them!

Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday was not the day to talk about gun control, then proceeded to talk about gun control hours after the shooting of Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise in Alexandria, Va.

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And take your BP meds before you check this one… Especially look at the time lines of the posted twits…

It didn’t take long for liberal pundits to reignite the gun control debate after a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers and staff at baseball practice Wednesday morning, wounding Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise and four others.

Prominent liberal pundits and journalists used the Twitter hashtag “Gun Control”to bash Republican opposition on gun control and to push for more gun regulations not long after news of the shooting broke.

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Also, it looks like the ‘actual’ weapon used was an SKS. Unknown at this time if it was converted for full auto.

Interestingly, the left/MSM has been crawfishing away from the shooter, claiming he was an ‘extremist’, without saying he was THEIR extremist…

But more interesting and BP warning, is THIS set of collected twits by the far left, wishing that all those shot would die…

Is this the first shot???

In other news, which was WAY down the news feed, it appears Mueller is already ‘expanding’ his investigation… And it was done ‘days’ after Comey was fired…

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is reportedly investigating whether President Trump tried to obstruct justice by firing former FBI Director James Comey last month, placing the Trump administration in a legally perilous situation less than six months into office.

The Washington Post reported Wednesday that Mueller has quietly reached out to multiple top intelligence officials to set up interviews as part of his sprawling probe into both Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. That includes examining any wrongdoing by Americans that accompanied it, as well as any efforts to obstruct or curtail the federal investigation itself.

From the Atlantic, HERE, since the WAPO article is behind a paywall…

How wide is this investigation going to get???



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  1. Gentlemen – start your engines ! Some world class spin already starting, no one saying that egging on violence against Trump and Republicans may have not been a good idea after all.

    Bernie Sanders (I condemn these actions completely …) was lame. Not once did he say protesting was okay – violence was wrong in any way, shape or form.

    Paul Ryan at least went through the motions. Good sound bite for the press. But where is his spirit of cooperation with the Executive Branch ? Say the words but the deeds to help – where ?

    Not quite sure this is done, more left crazies will do copy cats I’m sure.

  2. The leftist, and their media allies, are using the Rahl Emanual playbook. They still haven’t learned that doesn’t ‘play in Peoria’ anymore.

    Props to the Capitol Police. Handgun vs long gun and they prevailed.

  3. The fact that haven’t found anything yet just shows haw well the Trump folks are hiding it…

    Or something like that.

    This is now a witch hunt.

  4. I watched and listened to the recording of the shoot on FOX news this AM (6/15). The shooter had a semi-auto. Total round count was 66 shots from beginning to end. 1 dead(shooter) and four wounded, 1 critical. Piss poor shooting for an SKS or type 56 carbine unless it had been “modified” with the o so popular crapco folding stock and 30 round mag. Proving once again just how worthless the assault rifle round (all of them) are at killing. Thank G_D this Kami Kazi didn’t know weapons and tactics or this would have been WAY worse. P.S. My comment about “assault weapon” rounds being worthless for killing people. ALL assault rile ammo was designed to WOUND.(4 to 1 rule) not kill.

  5. A message to all you Smug, Ignorant, and foul Mouthed Liberals…

    I hope you are proud of yourselves. Your extreme hatred of Donald Trump has now ended in a tragedy that includes injuries and the death of a 66-year old gunman! Haven’t you left-wingers had enough of the hatred and violence? The list is endless, but here are a few highlights to remind you: First, you gave us obstruction of free speech and violence in our universities–compliments of the Trump haters. Our Vice-President was booed at a preformance of Hamilton. Extreme left-wing television personalities continue to disrespect the first family–INCLUDING AN 11-YEAR-OLD BOY! Then you gave us Kathy Griffin and her disgusting severed head of Trump. Next, we have Shakespeare in the park in New York who does their own rendition of Julius Ceasar with a Trump look-alike being stabbed to death. Now we have a Trump-hating Bernie supportor who’s out to kill Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game.
    Can you imagine the outrage from the left if these same behaviors would have been directed at Obama?
    As I’ve stated before, I have lost all respect for the left and main stream media–their lies, their obstruction, their hatred ,and their unwillingness to accept that their unfit candidate (s) did not win the election.
    Your behavior makes it very obvious that you would rather see Trump and conservative values fail and die than to see America thrive and unify. And you certainly are NOT an example of what makes America Great.

  6. I laughed when both sides of Congress took a united stand against shooting Congress people.

  7. This whole thing will get swept under the rug the minute evidence of contact between the Hillary campaign and any Russian official comes to light.

  8. If I heard it correctly, the shooter was taken down by one or both of the Capitol Police after they had been shot. Double kudos to both of them if that is true.

  9. I heard the news of the shooting and said to myself, the Congressmen/aids should have been better armed to return fire. I realize that’s not the line that progressives take nor is it what the corrupt, progressive, elite, smug, lying mainstream media say. But it’s true, none the less. We shouldn’t have to rely on the police for protection at the point of contact because there aren’t enough police or guards.

    From reports, it’s only because the Majority Whip was present that Capitol Police were there to kill the gunman. Had he not been there, they’d have been dead meat.

    But let’s take the scenario out of the realm of the famous and infamous. What if it was a ball game of veterans or some other category that the progs hate and said prog/Bernie guy decided to open fire? The MSM would have said, ’tisk-tisk-tisk, the veterans lived by the sword and now they died by it…’

    The Second Amendment is there to allow for self protection and to prevent tyranny. Why didn’t the legislators use it? We know that the Democratic controlled media has been calling for their heads for the past eight months.

  10. With all of the divisiveness than has been exploited by those on the left it is interesting that the two real hero officers are both black, David Bailey and Crystal Griner, both head towards the gun fire and took out the bad guy, both were wounded. Bailey was wounded and still checking on Scalise and to round things off Griner is a lesbian and we on the right don’t care because these are two fine officers whose training paid off.

  11. How wide will the investigation get? All the way to the shores of the Clinton campaign, where it will stop dead.