Calexit Novella is up!!!

First, I owe a BIG debt of thanks to both Steph and Tina for the quick turns on the editing and the cover. Both ladies did a superb job, as usual. Although both of them said, “You want it WHEN???”

Thanks ladies, I owe ya yet another one…


Click the cover to go to the novella.

The blurb-

A year after Calexit, the last US bases in Southern California are under siege, with their power and water cut off. Their perimeters are under constant probes by a now hostile nation. There is intelligence the government of California is planning a final all-out action to overwhelm the last bases and claim the spoils of victory for their own…

But the men and women in uniform aren’t going to let their bases be overrun, especially after the murder of their dependents. This is their story, a novella of the last military withdrawal from California. And if there’s one thing the Sailors and Marines are not going to do, it’s go quietly!

This is another one I’m going to blame on Peter and Lawdog… So it’s on them, not me…LOL

Seriously, if you read it, an honest review is appreciated. I know there will be questions as to why I didn’t include stuff from the other services, it’s simple… I don’t have the background with them to write in enough detail to make ‘me’ happy with the product. And a couple of folks have expressed an interest in writing additions from ‘their’ areas of expertise, so we’ll see if this novella can grow into a real anthology.


Calexit Novella is up!!! — 19 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    I have already downloaded it and am reading it. I liked the cover, it is a departure from your other books and it goes well with the theme.
    I will post a review on Amazon and a thingie on my blog tomorrow.

  2. Dang it! I have to wait for payday to get some money in the bank. Oh well. I look forward to reading the rest of the story.

  3. Based on my limited military experience* (compared to yours) in unsettled regions, this comes across as VERY realistic. And, given the current news, quite probable. Highly recommended!

    * Yom Kippur War, Turk/Greek uprising on Cyprus, Greece’s withdrawal from NATO

  4. Yay Jim,
    Bought my kindle copy right after it came on line! Excited to read it since your teaser post.

  5. Okay, I’ll bite. I have my copy and will read it when I finish what I’m currently reading. I was army what back in the previous century. I do believe those boys would handle things similarly to the Marines however.

  6. Got it, but don’t expect a review until after Libertycon. Got to work tomorrow, (12-hour shift), then gather up Senior Minion #1 and head to Chattanooga on Friday. Will be busy until sometime Sunday afternoon, when I take SM#1 home, and then head home my own tired self. But I will give an honest review, as soon as I can, I promise!

  7. I liked it, and I both do and don’t want read the “31st State Liberty Liberation Front”‘s story.

  8. About half-way through it, and I think it’s the best you’ve done yet, Jim!

    Superb….you could give Tom Clancy a run for his money if he were still with us!

  9. Well that didn’t take much thinking.
    It is now on the Kindle.

  10. Read the last two thirds of it last night before trying to fall asleep. Drug dealer. Now I want the rest of the story. Outstanding read!

  11. Downloaded it, read it and then reviewed it. Great job Jim.
    So good, it is not fiction but telling the future.