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When a plan comes together…

A team of researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Navy have created the military’s first 3D-printed submarine, an achievement that may have the potential to accelerate the defense R&D process.

Full article, HERE.

It was actually completed last year, but just released. Here’s a good video on the manufacture.


And it’s going for a swim next year… In the MAST. This video gives you an idea of the capabilities of that little, well NOT so little facility.

Some folks might recognize the design, but the way it was done is the revolutionary part… Along with the potential that carbon fiber brings to the table, it could get ‘very’ interesting… At least for the bad guys! 🙂


I love it… — 7 Comments

  1. This is very exciting stuff.

    The 3D printed boat surprised me. Not a MK-8 SDV and not an ASDV. It’s a wet sub, which is very uncomfortable for operators, which seems to me a step backwards from the ASDV (which has lock-out capacity).

    The South Korean SDV is essentially a torpedo that the combat swimmers cling to (sort of a World War 2 concept).

  2. The speed of development and then building is encouraging. Seems they were able to break through the usual bureaucratic morass. Not at all qualified to make any technology comments, but, having run projects in my time, I am blown away that these people were able to accomplish something like this in weeks, not years.

  3. Not all 3d. Watched it and it shows that the basing of it is not 3d.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Interesting technology, almost reminds you of those SCIFI books where the ship manufactures it own repair parts and what ever else it needs.

  5. A Korean (former ROK Marine) of my acquaintance once said “Nobody who wants to win a war against her should ever bet against U.S. innovation.” For a former jarhead, he was pretty smart!

  6. LL- That’s ‘one’ potential application… 😀

    WSF- It took about 4 years to put the ‘team’ together… Sigh

    Leaper- Eh, the design is.

    Ed- Coulda been… LOL

    Bob- That’s coming, just sayin…

    RS- Yep! 🙂