I got nothing…

So you get another video. Actually this one is pretty funny…

Marines… sigh…

Leatherneck Lifestyle Presents a Weird and Hilarious USMC Moto Video from Leatherneck Lifestyle on Vimeo.

They definitely have a few screws loose… Just sayin… It would have been interesting to have turned them, or Army, or Navy folks loose in Charlottesville last weekend. I think the outcome would have been ‘significantly’ different…

Back in the 70’s there were dungaree liberties held in a few places to ‘clean up’ the environment there.


I got nothing… — 11 Comments

  1. Without the Marines, the Navy wouldn’t have had anybody to stand guard on the pier at the prow. I had rather have a few sailors at my six when in need.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah, I kinda know how you feel, I got nothing….But the video’s are pretty cool though.

  3. Gotta love the jarheads! They’re kinda messy, but they’re lots of fun at parties (and in a fight).

    I can say that, since my senior son-in-law is a career Marine (up for WO-4, last I heard) and he’s one I’d want to back me up in a scrap. Of course, the same goes for the two Navy SIL’s and The Beamish Boy, who spent 10 years playing light infantry/sniper in the Army.

  4. A FEW screws loose? I’d say more than a few – but sometimes people like that are needed, and when they are – I’m thankful we have the Marines!