There are gonna be some FAT deer in the woods this fall…

This is what happens when an oak tree gets plenty of water!!!

Last year, they were about 1/2 this big, if that…

It’s now September, and there is still green in the yard, which is NOT supposed to happen here in North Texas. The lawn should have been brown and crunchy a month ago. I’m waiting to see how big the pecans are going to be, and if this acorn and the ones in the tree are any indication, they should be MASSIVE!

At least the ducks will take care of the acorns, starting in about January or February. And the rains will wash the duck crap off… 😀


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  1. Enjoy it while it lasts. Along that line, I’ve never seen Wyoming green in September but there are still patches here and there.

  2. Our deer only get the acorns if the hogs leave them any, which, judging from the sign I’ve been seeing in the usual haunts, isn’t going to be very much. You’re a smart man, why don’t you invent hog repellant?

    • Spook, the best hog repellant I’ve heard is .410 slugs, told to me by more than one expert………;-)

  3. Pecans may get big, but unless the local squirrel quits inviting his cousins over for lunch, there will be darn few left for me.

    And, yes, I have a solution for “too many squirrels”, but I’m not allowed to fire it inside the city limits.

  4. WSF- Wow, that IS interesting…

    RS- I do, it’s called .308 140gr… LOL

    Homebru- That sucks… No suppressed .22 with ‘quiet’ ammo? 🙂

  5. We have some good size acorns around here, too. But I can’t keep the squirrels out of the bird feeders, and Judy won’t let me shoot them. Women!!!

  6. We normally use a .284 version of the 140 gr. repellent, but there’s only so much that four shooters can do. We do play a game, Senior Minion #1 and I, that involves a varmint call and a safe distance. She once anchored two gung-ho porkers off my delicate backside at a distance of about 25 meters. We got four out of that particular sounder, but only because one of them was really dumb! It’s fun, but there’s not too many folks that I’d trust to play that game.

    • .284?
      New one to me.
      But if it’s good on pig please provide details.

  7. That’s nothing. We have something in Kentucky called the “Burr Oak” The Acorns get the size of baseballs on the old ones. There used to be one that was about 300 years old behind the old Belchers Liquor store in Lexington Ky. It had Acorns the size of baseballs. The City of Lexington cut it down to make a parking lot for a branch bank.

  8. Dude, round here is is ALL nuts. Acorns by the bushel, walnuts, hickory, etc. Shitloads of ’em.

    The old timers say that presages a VERY bad winter. SO far, in the 25+ years that I have been paying attention, they’ve been right.

    Prep for a cold one. And lots of snow.

  9. All- Yep, all the precursors are there… Ray- I’ve heard that, but never actually seen one! Wow!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Homebru should try a pellet gun. Those should be ok inside the city limits, no?

    DH has declared war on all red squirrels, yesterday was a 2 squirrel day…one was on the run, but was no match for the 20 gauge. Rolled him right over.

    Don’t think we will get many nuts up here in MI this year. We had a hard frost right at the critical time. Very few apples, or nuts. Lots of pine cones though. We had an over-abundance of nuts last year, but the winter around here was pretty mild and snow was minimal.

    We are hoping the deer herd is building back up this year since the winter was so mild. We got clobbered 2 years ago with some disease that killed off thousands of them in this neck of the woods. But I have been seeing more and more along the roadsides as I drive around this year. One of the does that live on our farm had twins, but only one survived the hay binder. 🙁 But we saw a very nice buck the other evening, either an 8 or a 10 point. DH hopes he makes it through bow season so he can get him in rifle season. Lol.

    Luckily, we don’t have hogs around here. I am leery of them!

  11. I just commented to my daughter that I hoped that acorn production doesn’t reflect preperation for winter. I have never seen so many acorns and it’s a constant rain of them.

  12. Suz- GOOD point! 🙂 And yes, be leery of hogs, they are dangerous.

    PH- Hate to break it to you…