I saw a VERY unusual old car heading toward Amarillo yesterday afternoon, and decided to do a TBT on them…

It wasn’t this car, I pulled this from the net, the one I saw was bluish green. I’m pretty sure it was a 1940 Packard 180 Victoria convertible. The reason I don’t think it was a 1941, was it didn’t have the chrome ‘strips’ on the lower part of the fenders.

But it was majestically cruising at about 70, older fellow driving, and he smiled when I waved at him and his wife!

Extremely expensive, compared to a 110 or 120 Packard, it was one helluva big car!

And it had a lot of safety innovations, not by modern standards, but by the standards of the day. These cars were some of the first to roll off Packard’s new production line!

And this was still back in the day when things like a ‘fancy’ heater were an option… Much less a radio!

I know I should have snapped a picture, but I was too busy goggling at the car… Sorry!


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  1. Well, I am very glad you didn’t snap a pic…do not text and drive! LOL. Sometimes I do that too. There are a lot of old cars out here and car shows as well. It is such a distraction! Like…squirrel! Love the oldies.

  2. It’s an elegant reminder of a different age that has passed.

    There’s all sorts of cool stuff in Amarillo.

  3. Fargo- Good point! 🙂

    WSF- Yep, and that one was WELL restored!

    LL- Amen! And yes, for middle of nowhere north Texas, there is some interesting ‘stuff’ in various garages and barns! 😀

  4. My dad insisted that the best car he ever owned was a ’36 Packard 8. I’d still like the chance to drive one, but those odds are getting longer every year.

  5. Caught one of these (or something similar!) on “Chasing Cars” on the Velocity channel.

  6. Dragging abandoned antique and classic cars out of barns and fields and restoring them is part of my “If I win the gazzillion dollar power ball” dream. I don’t really want to own one myself – I just want them to be adopted by people that will love them.