Interesting letter…

This one came over the transom via the mil-email string…

I can’t find anything wrong in it, and it was sent to both Ryan and McConnell…

Gentlemen: I’m a 68 year old Vietnam Vet and retired 3M Executive.  

 I am on the verge of leaving the Grand Old Party.  No big deal for you – huge deal for me.  I have come nearly to the end of my loyalty to a party that seems to have lost its backbone.  

 The lack of leadership displayed by the two of you — for whatever reason you’ve decided to not support or defend the duly elected President of the United States — is beyond me. 

 Yes, President Trump is not the typical political bureaucrat, but he is the President of the United States.  It appears from where I sit that you both have decided to lay down on the job you’ve been elected to serve.  The 60 Million + people that voted this President into office made this decision based upon the absolute requirement to have someone outside the beltway to lead the nation. As distasteful as this appears to be for not only the Democrats, it appears to be equally distasteful to the GOP leadership.  Your lack of action on numerous legislative issues that this country desperately needs is visible to all.  

The electoral map of the U.S. is RED because President Trump mobilized the electorate.  These same voters are going to clean house again in 2018 if you don’t start acting like leaders.   Former Arizona state lawmaker Kelli Ward is out in front against Senator Jeff Flake by 25 percentage points today.  Can you say: “We are tired of GOP leaders in Washington D. C.?”  This is only going to increase across the U. S. for all GOP mid-term candidates if they continue to demonstrate no backbone and will not support our President.

My best description of where this country is headed was voiced by David Horowitz. “Friends, this isn’t George Orwell’s “1984.” It is America, 2017.” |

When I look at the current GOP, I’m struck by a comparison that I recently heard. This is a basketball example that really does reflect what the GOP appears to be today.  The metaphor is the Harlem Globetrotters and the Washington Generals.  The Democrats are the Globetrotters and the GOP are proud to be the Washington Generals.  The Generals know going into the game that they are going to lose, but it’s a nice gig and they get to be on the court with the big boys.  The GOP and The Washington Generals don’t mind losing – they just want to be in the game!  Sound familiar?  

That is exactly how it appears to the loyal GOP voters out here in America right now. Why is zero legislation moving forward?  We have the Presidency, we have the House, we have the Senate!   What’s wrong with this picture?   We are wasting valuable time here, Senator McConnell and Representative Ryan.  The voters are not going to waste time in 2018.  This is the last chance for the GOP before it morphs into something none of us recognizes. And, by the way, when are you going to support the laws on the books?  Sanctuary Cities, Antifa, tearing down statues, covering statues: the progressives are running wild and the GOP is laying down.

Remember freedom of speech?  UC Berkeley?   The progressives are worried about what shoes the first lady is wearing and the media is supporting it.  What a wonderful world we are living in. Well there you have it.

President Trump and Vice President Pence are being copied on this plea for help.  Hitch up your pants and stiffen your backbones.  It’s about time!  I know what’s coming because I live in a state that has already gone off the cliff – CALIFORNIA.  The Progressive have already won here!!  I mean the Globetrotters. 

I have an extensive cc list of over 1,500 people.  I’m asking them to send this note to 10 of their Conservative Friends.  We the people will not sit still while this country is being abused and our values are not being represented.  The Left will not take this country away from us.


Lenard XXXX


Interesting letter… — 12 Comments

  1. The “leaders” of the republican party clearly cannot see the forest for the trees.
    Up and coming primary elections will tell the tale.
    What is happening in Alabama will be played out on the larger stage of the US. The establishment, deep state, swamp, etc. is struggling mightily for survival versus we the people.

  2. It’s well said, but the Congress won’t listen. They haven’t listened in 30 years, and literally DON’T CARE. Now, neither do I care for them, nor what they say or do. There is quite a large number of folks up here who have decided they will ignore federal laws, and I’m quite tempted to join them. An unConstitutional law is no law at all.

  3. LL- Yep, if I were still a Pub, instead of an Independent, I’d be sending a copy of that myself.

    Roger- Agreed!

    Rev- Sadly, true!

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Very accurate letter. I am real disappointed in the GOP, we gave them both houses of congress and the Presidency and they can’t do anything.?

  5. Over the last decade, the Republicans have perfected the art of ‘pulling defeat from the jaws of victory’ and seem content to keep doing it – as the letter says, they seem more interested in giving in to their opponents and the media that will never like them than in doing what they were elected to do. They are taking their voters for granted and it will come around to bite them, the sooner the better.

  6. My thoughts and then some. I tried to explain to a few SJWs and Moonbats that I know, but they were too busy screaming bloody blue end-of-the-world murder. Yes, the GOP has a controlling interest in the Federal Government right now, and no, nothing will get done. Why? Mainly because of me-ism. Craft a bill that carefully cuts and reallocates military spending, and some self-important baby kisser will add a few paragraphs about grazing rights, school funding, or collective bargaining. Because that’s politics.

    I’m sick of it. I actively campaigned for President Trump because I wanted someone new who was not a political hack, and the thought of Hitlery Murderess Clinton in the White House for at least 4 years was more than I could stomach. And crazy Uncle Bernie? Better than Hitlery, but what does that say?

    Now we’re stalled out as usual. There will be a lot of bloviating, stump speeches, finger pointing and name calling, and at the end of the day if you’re not a multi-millionaire, you’ll be getting the same old worn out shaft that you got during the Ayatollah Obongo era.

  7. While still a registered Democrat I will willingly join the Deplorable Party.

    President Trump was elected despite the best efforts (which are pathetic) of the Jeb! RINOs and the Grover Norquist backroom crowd.

    Great letter, and I agree with the man.