Well, I got another one star review on The Morning the Earth Shook… And this one is a ‘good’ one!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and it’s interesting that this is another unverified purchaser. I know I’m not the greatest writer in the world, nor do I claim to be, but it would be rather hard to write this without using military terms, and I ‘thought’ I did my best to actually footnote those that I thought would trip people up. I guess not…

on September 19, 2017
Short and frustratingly opaque with its gratuitous overuse of military acronyms. Seriously unreadable hogswallow.
Huh, the ‘definition’ of hogswallow, according to the urban dictionary is-

Act of deception. To fool someone. An act intended to dupe or cheat.
I don’t think I did that, did I? I thought I was pretty up front with the description and the fact that this was a novella…
Welp, I’ll take it on board and go forward…


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  1. In general it is a good idea to not put too much credence on reviews written by people who specialize in reviewing truffle salt, fez (hat) and hands-free crutches, dietary supplements and smartphone covers.


  2. I would hoard one star reviews for pretentious gits, like a miser hoards gold to be fawned over in the dark of night.

  3. Rather than taking it aboard, I’d give it a float test, and make revolutions for flank speed. You’re doing fine, sir; ignore the gnats.

  4. Not to worry Jim. That one star review will disappear shortly as the powers remove all one star or even two & three star reviews. All you need to do is claim to be a dimocrat and you will get naught but 4 and 5 star reviews. If you put a few throw away phrases like “free college tuition” and “free health care for all” in your story, you will stay at the top of the NYT best seller list for months.
    Meanwhile, keep up the good work!

  5. “Premiata Forneria Marconion” – I guess that everyone has to have a name.

  6. I agree with WSF that it is an SJW doing their thing to bring down your rating. That is the only power they have. It is like those idiots that did a bad rating of that pizza restaurant in Indiana that they never ate at because of the owners view on doing a “gay marriage” ceremony.

  7. It is the trolling hoplophobes, oh, no!

    Seriously, I’ve seen comments on John Ringo’s books that read like this.

    Heck, I’ve seen worse on Kipling reviews.

    Now, if your last name started with a ‘C’, maybe Amazon would delete all 1 star reviews for you.

    • If you changed your name to Jim CLINTON, and claimed to be kin to the Slick Willy tribe, progs would buy your book in large numbers and praise it.

  8. I think that review is HOGWASH. Did I use that appropriately? I think that person is bologna and hiding under a rock band persona and stole their name, bastardizing it a little. Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) is an Italian progressive rock band. PFM were the first Italian group to have success abroad, entering both the British and American charts. Between 1973 and 1977 they released five albums with English lyrics. They also had several successful European and American tours, playing at the popular Reading Festival in England and on a very popular national television program in the United States. I don’t think this person is giving you an honest review or obviously, even using their real name. #fakereview

  9. So, obviously you need to tone back on the acronyms. Lol.
    What a goober.

  10. The problem with footnotes is that they are normally placed at the bottom of the page, hence the name. On a Kindle you can’t easily define the foot of a page. Also giving a list of acronyms and explanations at the end of a printed book makes them easy to refer to, not so with a Kindle.
    Damn good story all the same.

    • Kindle end notes can be directly accessed from the page by tapping on the end note marker. After you finish reading the note, tapping will take you right back to where you were.

  11. The numbers that refer to footnotes in the Kindle are linked, so when you click on them, it takes you right to the footnote (meaning of the abbreviation in this case) so you can see what it is.

    Then you just have to return back to where you were, which is a little harder. But it IS doable, cause even a computer challenged old lady like me can do it. If I can figure it out, any of these youngsters can.

    Stick and stones is my opinion on those whiney reviews.

    • +1 for suz from a blonde…
      if we can figure it out, the whippersnappers here should be able to as well.

      • My thanks to McChuck and suz. My Kindle-fu is now stronger.

  12. LL- Not worth it… Just sayin’ 🙂

    Fargo- Thank you! I didn’t know that… LOL

    SPE- Yeah, right…

    Frank- Good point, I hadn’t thought about that… sigh

    Suz- Thanks! I know I shouldn’t read them, but… When they get pointed out to me… sigh

  13. Look. I don’t care about the review. What I like is that you did not hide from it.
    You took it face on and posted it on your blog with what I take to be introspection.
    Bravo sir.

  14. As a wise old gunny used to say “F**k ’em and feed ’em beans!” You just keep doing what you’re doing (although a little faster would be nice) and ignore the whiny asses that need stuff spelled out for them.

  15. Hey Old NFO;

    Snowflakes are going to flake… I consider her/his/its/cisgender review to be meaningless, you included a glossary for Military terms in the book, and footnoted. You have to use Military terminology to explain what you are doing in a military setting, this separates the real McCoys from the posers. for example “Call in an airstrike”, a simple military term…converting it to civilian terms would be like “make airplane drop bombie thingie on over there.” It don’t translate well. I wouldn’t sweat it.

  16. O/T – Just finished Into the Green. Great stuff. I really liked the nods to some of your fellow author bloggers, notably Alma. Oh, and the “pets”.

  17. Before I forget, JL, I have friend who writes indie and has some kind of a set up with Amazon – I think – that lets him do a POD for someone who want a hard copy of one of his books. His cost is somewhere around $6-7 and he sells the book drop-shipped for $14 or so.
    That might work for your stuff for those of us old farts who like to hold stuff in our hands. And I just started the first Rimworld book, thanks. Pretty good so far.

  18. Finished first “Rimworld”. When will the next installment be available in print, heh, heh?