More donations to the gun raffle!!!

We have two more donations over the weekend, the first is going to be Package 15– It’s a brand new Ruger Precision Rifle in 6.5 Creedmore, with 4 magazines!!!

The top picture shows the complete rifle, but the scope is not included!

This is the actual rifle, minus scope!!! And the serial number is good, no repair of the bolt shroud required.

And this one, I ‘think’ we’ll add to the women’s package, since it’s being donated by a lady! 🙂 And yes, that IS a Damascus blade!

It’s a simple belt sheath, but fitted to the knife.

The Go Fund Me is HERE.

You’ll find photographs of all the prizes in three parts:  herehere and here. Remember, donate to the Go Fund Me, HERE, and email your receipt to  [email protected] participate in the raffle!!!

As I write this, we are at almost $12,000, so a little less than half way there. The raffle will continue until the end of November, and the drawing will be via a random number generator on 1 December.

Thank you to all that have contributed both packages and donations!


More donations to the gun raffle!!! — 5 Comments

  1. If I recall correctly, the hunting knife was made by Blazing Blade – the handle is bone and rosewood with mosaic pins. Nice balance, lovely blade!

  2. Wow! Why you keeping posting this porn on here. So hard for me.

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  4. I seem to have accidentally made two entries just now.
    Andi gets both.
    Ox only know forward. }:o)