Oopsies and limitations…

And of course it’s the far left states…

First up- Hawaii!

It appears HPD just ‘might’ have overstepped a bit…

The Honolulu-Star that covers medical marijuana news questioned how police officials apparently accessed the Hawaii State Department of Health’s database of cannabis patients to compare against the agency’s list of registered gun owners, and if the move was legal.

‘Supposedly’ that database is ‘confidential’…

Full article, HERE.

And next up- Kommiefornia…

Defender Outdoors (Texas based ammo retailer) has sent out the notice that all sales to California via the internet will cease 17 December. This is all because of Prop 63, being pushed as a ‘Safety for All’ proposition.

For the first time in California history, residents will have to go to a licensed dealer and undergo a background check when buying ammunition, says the company in a statement, pointing to the success of Proposition 63 which criminalizes the private transfer of ammo in the state.

Full article, HERE.

And the rest of the story-

Of further note, California will prohibit its residents from bringing ammunition into the state, bypassing taking delivery through a licensed dealer. Ironically, these new laws do not impact sharing ammunition in person with your friends and shooting partners…you just cannot sell it to them.

If you do sell to your buddy, do you become a felon? And what about those folks that go to Nevada or Arizona to shoot? And bring ammo they didn’t use back? Will THEY by arrested? What about competition shooters who are sponsored by ammo makers?

SO many questions…

Proposition 63 supersedes AB 962 and applies to all ammunition sales and summarized as follows:

Effective January 1, 2018

  • Licensed sellers will conduct and process all ammunition sales
  • Unlicensed sellers will have to conduct ammunition sales through a licensed vendor much like private party firearms transactions
  • Ammunition obtained from an out-of-state seller must initially ship to a licensed ammunition vendor for delivery to the purchaser upon completion of a background check

Effective July 1, 2019

  • Sellers will not sell or transfer ammunition without conducting a background check on the buyer
  • California law requires ammunition sellers to record, maintain, and report to the DOJ records of ammo sales in a manner similar to that of a firearm purchase

Proposition 63 does allow ammunition sales at shooting ranges without the purchaser undergoing a background check and without a sale record provided the ammo remains inside the facility.


Oopsies and limitations… — 16 Comments

  1. Effective Jan 1, 2018. Every vehicle entering the state of Kommiefornicator will be searched for illegal contraband.

    Can anyone say black market? If you can’t stop illegal entry into the state. If you can’t stop illegal drugs from entering the state. How do you expect to NOT have a black market in ammunition into the state?

    Every politician in the state of Kommiefornicator is an IDIOT. But worse they are statists. Get me a rope and hold my beer.

    Just glad I don’t live there and glad any reason for me to visit has gone away.

  2. Houston- Yep… I’m betting they will have UC officers at the gun stores just across the state line, recording license plates…

    • Like the ones that used to lurk in the Cabella’s and Bass Pro et cetera parking areas, making note of California plates? Or so I was told by a friend of a friend.

    • A friend is a flintlock fan. “Ha-haaa! I can make black powder out of sticks and my own waste products, and set it off by banging a rock against a file! And I have these nifty pliers I got from the tire store, so I can harvest naturally-occurring lead wheel weights in their native habitat!”

      Maybe the narcotraficantes will branch out into ammunition and loading components. Kind of like the Mafia during Prohibition… where there’s a demand, there’ll always be a supplier.

  3. > California law requires ammunition sellers to record,
    > maintain, and report to the DOJ records of ammo sales

    I assume they mean the Californistan DOJ and not the Feral DOJ.

    I can imagine some functionary in DC getting giant email attachments or boxes of tractor-feed printout at her desk and saying “Whaaaatt?”

  4. Do they realize that electric/magnetic devices need NO primers or powders? And any damn fool can buy cleaning products that should NOT be mixed and… mix them? Oh, wait, politicians. Oh hell, light a candle for them… and leave the gas on.

  5. And the price for ammo just doubled in CA. I agree that the wall could extend up the border of CA, OR and WA.

  6. I see an opportunity as an ammo bootlegger bring in Dillon presses and components.

    Are ranges no required to frisk shooters leaving the line?

  7. Yuppers. I was a fully licensed FFL in Kalifornia for 17 years. Have been a Texas resident since November of ’15. I’m still a little twitchy, but recovering. The powers that be in Kalifornia are like the Terminator/Governator. They will not stop. Ever. Until the state capital is burned to the ground, with them in it.

  8. If someone is receiving marijuana as part of a medical treatment plan, under doctor’s orders, isn’t disclosing that information without consent a violation of HIPAA privacy laws?

  9. All- Thanks for the comments! Gerry- Reloading is no Bueno in LA County already… Joe- You are correct!

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Wow the blue staters are doubling down on stupid ain’t they. First accessing a “confidential” list of users…Wonder how that happened…And California is the poster child for the antigun movement. CALEXIT can’t come soon enough.

    • Bob,

      CALEXIT will never happen as they need the rest of the country to suck money out of when the California economy collapses under weight of taxes and regulations. And they will only ask for money to bail out their failed ideas;but they will not correct the problems of Leftism.