I just wish the weather would make up it’s mind…

9 degrees last week, 69 yesterday, and supposed to be 70 today…

Then back in the 20s/30s this weekend.

Consistency, thy name is NOT north Texas weather… Sigh…

If you’re feeling like crap, go get checked out. Classmate’s hubby in Houston was admitted to ICU with strep, pneumonia and the flu!!!

That is NOT a threefer you want to have. Please say a prayer for Danny, he’s going to need it.

I need more cooffffeeeeee…


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  1. RE: coffee.
    My son and daughter-in-law are participating in a ‘Daniel Fast’ with their church, consisting of water and vegetables. So, you KNOW headaches are on the way. I wonder if I can persuade her to take an Excedrin, or something else that has caffeine in it, to ease the withdrawal symptoms?
    And as for me, the last few days coffee has made my hiatal hernia flare up so bad that the effects went into my right shoulder. If I hadn’t JUST had a complete cardiac workup, and found no issues; and if the pain had been in my LEFT shoulder, I would have thought I was having a heart attack. Fortunately, I recognized the signs, and it eased down, after a million years. So today, my morning hot drink is Lemon & Ginger herbal tea, with probiotics, and brown sugar.

  2. I didn’t seem to be getting over the flu, and my wife said, “You are going to the doctors tomorrow.”
    Pretty much the same story as others, the flu ran my resistance down enough to let some bad stuff take up residence in my lungs.
    Pneumonia is no laughing matter. This stuff kills people our age. (65)

    Shortly after starting the Prednisone I was seized with a near uncontrollable desire to go downstairs, then upstairs, then downstairs, then repeat.
    Yep, it was a stairoid reaction. (I must be feeling a bit better.)

  3. “Stairoid reaction” – LOL!
    But the crud hall are describing is no laughing matter – take care of yourself

    And OldNFO, having spent the first 24 years of my life in Dallas, I can tell you that wanting North Texas weather to be consistent is not a realistic expectation! Blue Northers were always my favorite phenomena…

  4. More ‘midwest’ or ‘plains’ weather. MN was subzero… now above freezing, but soon back to subzero. Oh, joy… buzzers.

  5. Pat- Yep, headaches are a comin’

    John- 😛

    Tom- Yeah, that… sigh

    Orvan- Better y’all than me.

  6. The inconsistent weather patterns in the central Plains/Midwest were just some of our reasons to move to Alaska; lately, it’s not much better here. But the flu bug this year is … well, started to say “nothing to sneeze at”, but … well, sorry.

  7. I got the crud over the weekend….. due to hubby and a recent heart attack I didn’t mess around but hit the doc’s office Monday morning. In 2 days it had went tot he point of not only antibiotics but a shot in the doc’s office. He told me to watch the Hubby closely since it would throw him right back in the hospital with some major complications. This stuff is NASTY! Don’t mess around, if you start feeling cruddy get to the doc asap

  8. Not rubbing it in much… but we have had beautiful weather.
    Lots of people down with the crud hereabouts, not good. Take good care of yourself, and check up on elderly friends.
    Prayers up for Danny!

  9. Many years ago I spent several years in Roswell, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Abilene, & Altus, OK in monthly rotations. I just missed the Tornado that hit Wichita Falls in the mid 60’s, & saw a 100 degree swing in 24 hours in Roswell. Frigging dust storms in Roswell were tough, as well !!!!!

  10. Prayers for Danny!

    At the 7-day mark, Peter went off the Bugscuffle Bait, Tackle, & Clinic. I slept in, because I haven’t been getting more than 2-3 hours at a time before waking up coughing. He came back with two shots in the but, three prescriptions, and mucinex, and orders for me to report there the next day for my turn.

    Apparently this version is going straight to bronchitis on even the normally healthy folks, and we were no exception. On the other hand, Tiny Texas Town living does have some advantages – for the first time in years, a nurse recognized How Things Should Be, and gave me a lollipop for coming in and getting my shot.

  11. One of the only good reasons for getting the flu vaccine (no matter what the % match or the “early warnings” from the southern hemisphere) is that it has a very good correlation with a significant decrease in ICU admissions and death. Won’t always keep you from getting sick at all, but it does seem to be protective against severe disease.

  12. I felt a little peaked on Sunday, and was dragging a bit on Monday, but thus far only the Upper Respiratory Crud has really afflicted me. Thus far. Something about flu-shot + seven years of near-daily exposure to the Bug-of-the-Week… And getting a mild case of the ‘flu last year.

    Thus far…

  13. All- Thanks for the comments. Apparently local hospital is FULL, and having to turn away new flu/pneumonia patients… sigh

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  14. Knock on wood – so far. Since I am in hospital labs three days a week I know I’ve been exposed. Hand sanitizer each time I return to the car and the five drops of 30% H2O2 every morning I’ve been doing for the past six years seem to be working.

  15. Yes, the flu crud is in full swing. I just had to go see a patient yesterday who had been diagnosed with influenza A on Sunday. So she is still contagious. Let me tell you, I did really REALLY good infection control technique on that visit!! And she is in an assisted living home…the entire place was on lock down with folks having to stay in their rooms, so I guess she isn’t their only client with flu.

    Best way to avoid this stuff is wash your hands, wash your hands, and then go wash your hands. Stay out of crowds, and don’t eat out if possible. And when in doubt wash your hands!! Long enough to sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice. With soap and water.

    The flu shot doesn’t prevent the flu, just reduces the complications of the flu like pneumonia, and bronchitis. So if you are running a fever over 100, push the fluids, take the Tylenol, and if you have lung problems (COPD, Asthma, are a smoker) and start coughing up yellow/green crap, or have cardiac issues,(High blood pressure, Congested Heart Failure, A-fib) GO TO THE DOCTOR’s!! NOW!!! Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200, hie thee hence and get the meds to help kick this crap. Prednisone, Albuterol, and possibly antibiotics for the pneumonia or bronchitis are the weapons of choice. And REST! And chicken noodle soup with lots of garlic. 🙂 It will take up to 2-3 weeks to feel like a human being again with this one.
    Folks are contagious the day before symptoms start through day 7 or until the fever is gone for 24 hours without any Tylenol or other fever reducer’s on board.

    Hanging up the nurse’s cap now…can you tell what I have been educating everyone and their brother on this week? Lol.

    Prayers for Danny cause this is really ugly stuff for sure.

    Cloudy and 47 here in my end of Western MI today. Headed for single digits again over night this coming weekend though.

  16. All- Thanks and Suz, damn good recommendations! I don’t think I have any fingerprints left, as much as I’ve been washing my hands!

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  17. As a former boss of mine used to say: “Give me some coffee. I have too much blood in my caffeine.”

  18. I can deal with the cold if it’s just cold. It’s the $^%#wind that makes things nasty. Where I lived ages ago, it got colder, but a quick walk out to the mailbox could be done in shirtsleeves at twenty below without feeling more than a mild chill. Here? Twenty above often feels much worse.

  19. Yesterday 62 for a high. 56 at midnight and 53 at 8:30am. 43 at 9:30, 34 at 10:30 and 28 at 11:30. 28 degree drop in 3 hours.

    This is in Tulsa this morning. Predicted 15 degrees tomorrow morning low.

    And wind gust over 30 NW.