A question…

Well, actually a couple of them…

Who is paying the bills for these kids to rent buses to go to Tallahassee?

Who is flying them around?

Who got them access to the pols?

Who is coordinating these supposedly ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations?

Who is providing them the posters, flags, and other accoutrements?

Why is nobody in the MSM asking these questions???

All of these things are well beyond the capability or access of a high school kid, regardless of the overarching circumstances…




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  1. Satan maybe? Or his representative on Earth, George Soros? Or his assistant Bloomberg?

    Similar question – who funds the Westboro Baptist church shenanigans?

  2. I think McChuck is hitting the nail on the head. My money’s on it’s the same people not asking the questions.

  3. I read an article that several hollywood stars got together and donated something like 500K so that these kids could stage their march. On the other hand, I’m old and my brain don’t work so good anymore. Take it for what it’s worth.

  4. The corrupt, venal, smug, nasty, lying, elite mainstream media is only a vehicle through which funds flow. They’re a tool for other, hidden interests which supported Hillary, which delivered protesters to the rallies that President Trump held, paid the protesters, gave then a sack lunch.

    You can’t expect the mainstream media to ask HONEST questions. They’re part of the system of the beast, wholly owned and operated.

    The setback caused by the Clinton defeat, no matter how many billions she spent on ads, was incremental and a setback, but it didn’t slow the agenda.

    Free people are armed, slaves are not. They need to disarm America and that’s been a relentless agenda.

  5. Communists/Progressives/Socialists are funding the high school branch of the media propaganda team. Included in helping is Soros.

    If the rest of the media would ignore CNN, people would stop watching, and advertisers would avoid the network, a huge problem would go away.

    What the minions don’t realize it their handlers don’t want to fix the problem. They want to divide the country, cause great social unrest, hurt the economy, and continue their quest to control the world by subjugating people and forcing them to perform the tasks that keep them in control. Helping the United States is not their goal. They want to destroy it, and remove the ability of the citizens to defend their country.

  6. I was also wondering if the school systems are excusing them for the rip, what about perfect attendance?

  7. Do these rallies require a permit? If so, how much advance notice is required and when were they requested?

    • Yes, rallies require a permit. Given the nature of the rally, I’m thinking it might take ten or fifteen minutes to obtain the necessary permits.

  8. Anything, any way to divide our country. The communist, progressive, liberal, (reduncancy warning) cabal are hard at work.

  9. All- Thanks for the comments. Mr.B- Sorry, didn’t mean to steal your thunder.

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Give me a couple forensic accountants, and time to follow the trail. Maybe that’s what the AG has in mind, but certainly not from the now-tainted FBI. There’s always a paper trail, and if there isn’t, then there’s an awfully awkward break where someone is left holding the cash bag.

    For some reason, I’m now thinking to spend some cash and get more ammunition. Need more for range practice.

  11. I think the MSM isn’t reporting on who is doing the funding because they know, and don’t think it is important for the rest of us to know. Or, they are hoping we wont figure it out…

    Unfortunately, you can fool us once, but, we have seen this movie before, and although we are older, we haven’t completely lost our memory yet.

  12. Stole this line: MSM reporting is thoroughly covering a story. With a pillow. Until it stops moving.

    I think that Oprah W. was the one who promised $500K to support this “action”, but as with most of these media storms, all of the MSM and anti-2d A activist groups have made their contingency plans, found available contractors, and written their stories well in advance of many possible “events” and “crisises”.

    We could do the same, if waiting for accurate facts did not matter to us.
    Fir example, witness what has come out about the Broward Co Sheriffs Department non-actions in response to that murderer over the last few days.

    John in Indy

  13. 1) This is underwritten entirely by Sorosbux, plus Usual Suspects like Oprah, Clooney, et al chipping in.
    2) Nobody’s reporting on that, because they’re in on the play. Witness the CNN NRA Bashing clown hall meeting broadcast. The media is in the tank for this noise.
    3) Anybody who believes this level of professional-grade astro-turfing is spontaneously occurring isn’t very bright.
    The only way you get a party this big is an event planner and one helluva caterer.
    4) Which points to this either being laid out ahead of time on a whenever-it-occurs basis, waiting for the day; or something far worse: the idea that the shooting, happening “coincidentally” just as the Russia probe was going up in flames in DC, may have been a set-piece game from the get-go.
    5) The FBI deliberately fumbling the intel, the unheard-of Secret Service visit, the supposed active shooter drill coincidentally scheduled for same place, same day, the crisis actor(s) all pre-scripted, including one who’s a junior G-man and budding actor, all point to this being about as spontaneous as a political party’s national nominating convention every four years.

    I am the last guy to go wearing tinfoil and looking for black helicopters and conspiracy theories, but this whole thing stinks like last week’s fish, left in the sun.