NRA Annual Meeting…

Is coming to Dallas! 4-6 May!!!  🙂

And of course after the Parkland shooting, the Mayor Pro Tem, jumps on the media and says the NRA needs to go, HERE

Now a little background… Caraway is NOT the real mayor, he’s a jumped up appointee and member of the city council, with no official voice outside the council. In other words, he’s pandering to his base. And I guess he considers $40 million to be an acceptable loss for Dallas to incur.

Of course the reality is the NRA won’t move, and were they to actually threaten to do so, a whole bunch of Dallas businesses would be camping on his desk for a retraction! Interestingly, the ‘real’ mayor of Dallas, Michael Rawlings has said nothing…

Had an interesting chat with a Delta employee this weekend, he’s an NRA member, and coming to Dallas for the NRA AM, however, he WILL NOT fly Delta! He’s looking at alternatives, and he’s apparently not the only one.

Watching the posturing by various governors over the last couple of days has NOT done anything good for my blood pressure, either. They are ‘against’ allowing teachers to be armed, want LEOs to ‘step up’, but I didn’t hear any of them coming up with money to either secure the schools, or PAY for the LEOs that it would take to actually put deputies at every school, much less any way to recruit those people in a timely fashion. LEOs are already under the gun in most locations, short staffed, underpaid, and being forced to put in a lot of overtime to cover their current duties. Now what will happen if they have to pull 10, 20, or 30 MORE officers off the streets?

One positive note, I saw this over at John’s blog, HERE. That’s a $1750 class. Kudos to Gunsite for stepping up!

I’ll be curious to see how many actually take them up on it, but I believe it’s money well ‘spent’ as it were.





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  1. I heard that the NRA was uninvited to Dallas. It’s difficult to sift out truth from fiction when you rely on the news.

    Securing schools (one way in – one way out) can’t be THAT difficult to implement. Likewise, hiring trained, competent, gunslingers to protect the children can’t be that difficult. Retired police and military people could clearly fill the levy, and come with a solid track record of training and experience. I’d prefer to have them to ‘mall cops’.

    Educators traditionally dislike law enforcement so I can see built in friction, but you either have a safe environment or you don’t. And hopefully the Parkland shooting will lead to better coordinated intelligence.

  2. My guess is that the governors are hearing from their local teachers who are saying “I could never carry a gun! Guns are scary!!” Hubby had the idea that all teachers should have to go to a range at least once to learn the basics. Told him that was a good idea as then many might realize that, if done safely, guns can be fun. Then you might see more support for armed teachers in schools. Sort of like driver’s ed…driving seems like fun, until the first time you get behind the wheel, but then, with practice, you get better, and it becomes fun.
    So if basic gun training was mandated for all teachers, they would become familiar and less up-tight about guns. From those interested, you could then pull folks who want to carry in schools. Because the Superintendents are teachers who went for more education. School Board members come from the community, but frequently have a strong background in education also.

    The other thing that needs to happen is that the politicians needs to stay out of law enforcement’s way!! Why would anyone think that just brushing off crimes by teens would be a good idea just totally baffles me. Talk about an idea that has come home to roost!! Someone did lots of fast talking, or the audience was smoking something other than tobacco when THAT idea was formulated and presented!! Actions have consequences’, and so, obviously do inactions.

    Of course, when I went to high school, the principle was a retired Navy Captain. He ran the school like he had run his ship. There was a dress code, and rules were definitely enforced!!:)

  3. The sheriff in the next county over from mine teamed up with one of the big gun store/ranges (that I frequent) to offer 50 free spots in CCW classes for teachers.

    Within 2 days, they had to stop registrations at 300.

    • The sheriff in the next county over from mine did the same thing! Either there’s a new trend sweeping the nation, or you live somewhere roundabouts southwest Ohio.

  4. “We don’t want to do the thing because the thing is stark, ugly and harsh. However, we want someone else to do the thing that we aren’t willing to do because the thing, you know, is too stark, ugly and harsh. Now, we don’t want to pay for someone else to do the stark, ugly and harsh thing because that would force us, even indirectly, to face the fact there are sometimes stark, ugly and harsh things that need to be done.”

    I think that covers it.

    • To add a PS, if I might.

      If you want 18 year old citizens to TAKE UP ARMS in defense of the nation (and do stark, harsh, ugly things in strange places with strange-sounding names), you should allow them to buy arms. We’ve lost a lot young people over the last 17 years of constant warfare abroad. Lots of lost limbs, punctured body cavities, and deaths…

      OR USGOV should wait until people are 21 to induct them into the armed forces, and allow them to vote, drink beer, etc.

      There is no need for hypocrisy here.

  5. “I’ll be curious to see how many actually take them up on it,”

    I suspect the ones who will take them up on it, won’t be the ones that need to.

    And vice versa

  6. Folks,

    You have to remember the mantra and singular goal of any and all tyrants be they Leftist/Communist/Marxist/or even Republicans (but I repeat myself). To rule, they all, repeat “all” must first disarm their future serfs.

    “That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.” Jeff Cooper

    The “we need to do this” or “we need to do that” is wasted effort. They are not dissuaded by facts, by logic or impassioned pleas to observe the Constitution.

    Col Cooper provided a solution: good men (and women) with rifles deter evil.

  7. To show a spark of hope:
    My dipstick 13 year-old son chose to draw an AK-47 on a school assignment, to represent “something he enjoyed doing,” which was playing first-year -coffee games on his entertainment system. Instead of hitting the panic button, the teacher took him aside and gently questioned him; she then sent him to the office, without a discipline write-up, so the administrator could call me with Kenneth with him in the office. Dr. Carnes was very understanding, despite the fact that educators everywhere were losing their minds over the shootings. He talked to me, then I talked to Kenneth, then we talked again. He told me he could tell I took care of my own, probably from seeing Kenneth stand at attention when he talked to me, and respond by saying ‘yes sir’ and ‘ no sir.’ And when Kenneth got home that afternoon….we discussed things…
    So, there does remain sanity, communication, and accountability, at least in this corner of the universe.

  8. Surely there are enough retired peace officers and military men and women that would volunteer to work as sheep dogs for school security. Probably a lot of well trained parents could and would participate. Pay for a liability insurance policy for the participants. The government is not going to protect anybody other than the “elite”.

  9. It’s a sad day in hell when anyone from Texas would oppose the NRA coming to their city. That’s like Wyoming without guns. WTF

  10. I will be attending the NRA each day it is in Dallas,TX.
    I live in Gun Barrel City,Texas.
    Only 65 miles South East of Dallas.
    I have been a NRA member since I was a teenager.
    [email protected]