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NRA AM planning

If anybody cares, the North Texas contingent will be staying at the Embassy Suites up by Love Field, since none of us can or want to afford $300/night to stay downtown…

Embassy Suites, 3880 West Northwest Highway, Dallas, Texas, 75220, USA +1-214-357-4500

In other news, there is a dinner and a party in the planning stages for Friday and Saturday nights. More on those as we get the plans firmed up.

In other news, The Grey Man- Twilight will hopefully be up for sale on Friday, March 9th, both in paperback and Kindle. Yea!!!


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  1. Great news about the new book – been needing some updates about them ‘rapscallions’ and the mischief they get into. :^)

  2. But, but, but, March the Ninth is four whole days from now!

    Looking forward to reading the novel.

  3. I’ve reread the series, so I’m “slap dab ready” !!!

  4. Have fun. I haven’t been to one yet, or really thought about it. Do you go more for the displays and exhibits, or for the seminars and talks?

  5. Never been to NRA conference, and not a member of the N Texas contingent so will have to live it through your posts… Dammit!
    Waiting patiently for Twilight… Not really that patiently but it sounds nicer.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    I will check into that since I haven’t bought the tickets yet, something about working got in the way. I did get the link for Media links for NRAAM and will forward to you.

  7. Until five years ago I lived about a half mile from there. I will be in town with relatives, planning to see my son-in-law who is the director of merchandising for Daniel Defense and I would love to join you all at your dinner if you’ll let me tag along.

  8. I rechecked how much change got rolled. Enough for Twilight and a new Rimworld book. All righty now …

  9. Questions:
    Who’s the designated driver/shooter?
    Speed dial have lawyer/bail-bondsman/liqueur store?

  10. Similar to Old Texan, I grew up living about 2.5 miles from there – used to ride my bike to the old terminal building at DAL where my mates and I would climb up into the old tower with our toy rifles and ‘shoot’ at the enemy airplanes we designated as ME-109’s, FW-190’s and Zeros – don’t ask how they got intermingled over the same field – can you imagine how quickly we’d get locked up today doing something remotely like that ??
    Anyway, if work doesn’t get in the way, I may make it to the AM this year – maybe see y’all there!
    And don’t forget to stop by the nice air museum at DAL – nice Thud out front!
    and do you know about the original Sonny Bryan’s on Inwood Road?? Still one of my favorite BBQ places … (dang, now I’m hungry again)