For those transplants…

And mind your OWN damn bidness… Sigh…


For those transplants… — 25 Comments

  1. I think that “The Gun Lobby” would actually translate to, “All my neighbors and friends and pretty much everybody I know.”

    The most difficult part of dealing with the transplants is getting them to break from the indoctrination and think critically.

    Never said they have to agree with me, just that they have to be capable of reason and common sense.

  2. Stump removal: black powder (old school), tannerite (new school). Nope, nothing illegal about it; hazardous – yeah, pay attention to what you’re doing and take normal precautions; dangerous – if you’re a fool (spelled C-a-l- …)

    Well, Bubba after a few Lone Stars will use fireworks. Pretty, but a good chance of “hey, watch this!” brush fire if some hot stuff gets ejected.

    Oh, that’s right. In Califonion, stump removal is “Clearcutter! Bad!”

    • Well, now that ANFO is out of the question…the first I even heard of ANFO was a story of stump removal.

  3. What you need most, and I am dead serious about this, is a change in state law to make a five or ten year residency requirement before a new resident gets voting rights.
    Before you get to the tipping point. I live in a formerly libertarian/conservative Washington State and saw the leftist take it over. Stealing the governorship from Dino Rossi, really woke me up. (vote recount after vote recount- as soon as the left wangled another box of ballots to eke over the line, the counting stopped.) And keep a close eye on the positions that really matter- the people in charge of voting regulations, counting and certifying the votes, etc- the left has been working to lock up those positions.
    They will do their best to destroy everything you love.

  4. we have gotten a few of those ‘transplants’ in my neck of the woods recently. I worry they will want the things they miss in cali and try to make us change. The natives are outnumbered here so it is very possible…smh

  5. The disgusting part is that the Cailifornicators leave the Golden State because of confiscatory taxes, high urban crime, high traffic, feeling alienated in their home state, and general disgust with the modern California Socialist Republic. Then, once in free America, they demand “Sanctuary Status” for illegal aliens, more social welfare, encouragement of homeless “street people” and of course increased taxes to pay for it all. ARRGH!

    • Some but not all, by any means.

      It’s true that Californication leaks out and destroys. Who can argue the point? The free states need to carefully vet those leaving for other locations. Asking how many firearms they have and taking them to a range to see if they can zero their weapon and hit a target may be an appropriate litmus test.

      No target, no residency, no vote.

      • Agreed, not all California refugees are Californicators. Califoricators are a subspecies who flee Cali for most of the right reasons, and then proceed to turn their new home into the cesspool they left. Usually the want to foul their new nest because they miss the government funded amenities, or because it’s to help the poor (fill in the blank) while failing to recognize there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

    • If you see Vegans using Vegan leather, be sure to ask them if they know how many naugas died to enable let them have their naugahyde. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. My wife and I made our own Calexit last fall, and while I enjoy our new home state of Colorado, she’s still having an occasional bout of culture shock.

    Not all Calexit people are screaming Moonbats….but too many are!

  7. There was a place in Boerne TX called Fuzzys that billed itself as serving California style tacos. It recently went out of business…

    Speaking of California and Texas, check this out

  8. Because we didn’t blow the bridges over the Potomac soon enough Northern Virginia has turned from reliably conservative to almost pure Maryland stupid. I do my best to make the carpetbaggers uncomfortable. “No I’m not a cop. Virginia is an open carry state.” “Best place for a family outing? The kids will LOVE the National Firearms Museum at NRA headquarters.” (The kids actually DID love the idea. Mom damn near fainted.)

    • The Eastern Panhandle. Go the #^@$+! back to the places I fled because they were so #^@$+!ing stupid. Take your stupid #^@$+!ing men-in-girls-bathroom, hatrid of hpme-schooling, and general arrogance back with you.

  9. The way long time resident do things are usually from hard won experience. Newcomers would do well to learn and understand before embarking on changing things.

  10. I’m a cali-escapee! Taxes & Traffic drove me out. Talking with Dad recently he truly believed I’d be back in two years. That was 28 years ago and I’ve never looked back! Now in great state 48, Arizona, and loving the freedom & lower taxes.

    Build the wall (On the Colorado River! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Hey Old NFO;

    Pretty accurate list….I have noticed, especially in Florida, the Yankee’s graveyard…They come down to Florida to take advantage of the lower taxes and cheaper cost of living, but bring their voting pattern with them, the cause and effect thingie has escaped them.

  12. Standing offer: I’ll pay anyone $1 for every “Californian” with an “N” (Native) prefix on their CA driver’s license when they moved to your locale, if you’ll pay me a nickel for every “Californian” lacking same, who was actually from somewhere else, passed through here on their travels, and has now shuffled off to your neck of the woods to do to your state what they did to mine.

    When we tally up, you can take my check to the Mercedes dealer, and buy me a 450 SL with the proceeds. I like the silver convertible ones, if anyone wants to play. Not holding my breath there.

    OTOH, the beauty of a New York accent is that hereabouts, even with a tan, they still stick out like a sore thumb.

    But if y’all would like Texas to stay Texas, you might want to seriously consider “accidentally” nuking Austin, for starters. You won’t miss it much, and if anyone asks, just tell them you were doing radiation treatment to remove a cancer before it metastasized.

    • On a (vaguely) related note, I think I just saw a native Texan driving here in Ohio. First clue: license plate N8V TEXN. Second clue: big sticker saying TX on window.

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  14. All- Thanks! And Aesop, that was considered when they wanted to ban BBQs in Austin because of the smoke and odor… sigh

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