Draggin’ home…

Week of volunteering is done… By the time you read this, I ‘should’ be sitting at the airport waiting to get on a bird and head home. Assuming I woke up on time, and drove the hour back to the airport.

It’s been a long, but good week. Been sunburnt, wet, colder that a… That too. But giving back a little bit to the community is always a good thing.

It’s also a chance to see old friends, eat good food (at least once a day), and see some interesting people do interesting things. The other nice thing is a week of no cell phone, very little computer time, and good conversations over the dinner table! I swear my blood pressure is probably down 20 points! LOL

I should be back to commenting and posting more on Tuesday. Thanks to those who’ve put up reviews of The Grey Man- Twilight, thank you for the honest reviews and I hope you enjoyed my scratching.


Draggin’ home… — 7 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    Sounds like you had a good time “volunteering”, you planning on doing the same thing next year?

  2. First Gen M&P S 40mm has been reliable on the range with FMJ target ammo. When I fire it with the real deal, still no problem. The one thing I do know is there is no tolerance for limp wrist syndrome.

    • 40 mm’s usually have quite a kick :>)

      Now, years ago I saw a sawed off and bobbed M-79 carried by a Green Beret.
      And anytime someone mentions “most powerful handgun” I smile and sometimes I tell them.