The dominos are being lined up…

This one caught me by surprise…

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary changed its definition of “assault rifle” to one that matches what gun control advocates are pushing for.

From the Federalist, HERE.

All of us who have a military background know the actual military definition is a rifle designed to fire MORE THAN ONE ROUND with one pull of the trigger. Either a three round burst, or fully automatic.

Now that Merriam-Webster has been co opted, the libs/looney left will be ramming this down our throats.  Dammit…

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The dominos are being lined up… — 18 Comments

  1. Seriously? The progressive left has been ‘re-defining’ things forever. It’s an old ploy. Rather than losing to their old tactics I say we try a new one: Growing some damn balls. We can begin by telling them to shove their gun control up their collective ass, and warn them to leave some room for a dictionary too.

    • Attack the Left. Keep the attacks simple so that everyone (like yours truly, for instance) can participate and so that the Left can understand that they’re being attacked and the nature of the attack. For example, posting a politely written 1500 word essay about President Obama and the likelihood he attended college as a foreign exchange student won’t help anything. Screaming that the Ayatollah Obongo is a traitor to humanity will accomplish something.

      • Emotion rules the intellect. Appeals to intellect have no power to persuade. Appeals to emotion work, but not consistently. Emotions burn hot, but are fickle. Logic is a strong, but cold, foundation.

  2. The old definition wasn’t much better than the new one; it left too much wiggle room as it was.
    I wonder if this is part of M W’s efforts to stay afloat in a world where their major products (dictionaries, thesauri, etc) are increasingly irrelevant.

  3. Between the media, the banks, and now Miriam-Webster, this is a full court press by the Left to push for gun control and attack gun owner culture.

    If not before the elections or no later than the lame duck period after the Republicans better push for national reciprocity or the hearing protection act to turn this around. But, I’m not holding mu breath waiting for them to do what they were sent to office to do.

  4. “Assault Rifle/Weapon” is a scary term meant to conflate legal sporting rifles (and the people who own them) with the worst of military hit squads. However it now appears that the perceived definition of the left isn’t broad enough and now the term creeping into the language is “Military Style Weapon.” Depending how far back in time one is willing to go, that includes everything from ARs and AKs through muzzle loading muskets (the ons the left feels the second amendment actually protects) and eventually to include sticks with pointy rocks lashed on the end.

    • Ban the evil black plastic assault rocks!!! For the children!

      Oh, yeah, and sporks, too, since no one needs a knife or other pointy, pokey thingie.

  5. Gee, be a shame if those Assault Printing Presses came under fire.

    • Publishing is a collective right, and is inherently a power of the State. Individual printers didn’t exist in the time of the founders, and shouldn’t be protected now.

      • Especially those black, high speed, high capacity, assault printers. With the holder thing that goes up.

  6. It is obvious from the nomenclature that the AR15 is one number less than the M16, making it inferior as a military weapon.
    Glad I could help. 🙂