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  1. Oh, yes, that comes from the program packet for BolshieCon, Dusseldorf 1919. What a raucous time that was! We had all of the benefits of losing a great war, such as being occupied by randy foreign troops with lots of money to spend, without the impediments of an industrial sector pulverized into rubble and grit! Yes, THAT was the way to LOSE a war! You’d think those thugs we put into power a few years later might have had a bit more respect for the experience of the older and wiser among us, but they were always more interested in the flash, than the substance. To give them their due, they DID know how to put on a parade.

    I remember looking through my registration materials in vain to see where the “Rules to Keep a Communist Government in Power AFTER the Revolution” programs were being held. I was hoping to get to hear Trotsky. But, it was all ignored.

    Hindsight is 20-20, of course, but since the Guests Emeritus were all about creating the future, which was presented so exhaustively in the “Thesis*Antithesis => Synthesis” track, wouldn’t you think the con organizers COULD have devoted at least ONE program track, or maybe a puppet show, devoted to “What’s Next for Communism?”

  2. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. George Sanatayana, in Volume 1 of The Life of Reason. 1905.

    The left as we currently define it in this country is — and has been working, for a number of years — on a completely Marxist/Leninist program. It backfired badly on them in Germany (the Germans got Hitler instead of Stalin; not entirely sure which of them was worse) but worked — at least for a long time — in Russia. And Cuba. And a few other places.

    The Hitler or Stalin thing, though, does point out one major characteristic: the logical end point of Marxist/Leninist thought is an absolute dictatorship; it is completely incompatible with any form of democratic or republican government.

    If you’re up for some heavy going, you might want to read almost anything by Reinhold Niebuhr. He has a rather interesting history, and early on in his life was decidedly leftish — but later saw the error and its root cause. Brilliant.

  3. Pretty scary to read that and then look at the current headlines.

    And speaking of the communist party, didja see Bernie’s latest? How everyone who wants a job he thinks should go to work for the government, get $15/hour and healthcare benefits…

    I thought anyone who WANTS a job can go get one just about anyplace in this economy and should. Not go to work for the feds, unless they are raising their right hand and putting on a uniform.

    Why is it that government thinks they are the answer to everything?? Drives me nuts!! I wish Bernie would quit trying to spend my hard earned $$$…I can do that all by myself quite well thankyouverymuch. 🙂