NRA AM day 1…

Oof… 4.4 miles walked yesterday, one of the bigger crowds I’ve seen on the first day. Got to chat with Major Plaster and his wife  for a few minutes. He’s still writing and they are, as always, excellently researched, well footnoted, and interesting. Also had a minute with Richard Hogan at Rock Island Auctions about the military sniper rifles they have in an upcoming sale. 800 booths this year, so there is a plethora of things to find, buy, or drool over…

Got settled into the hotel, and the gang met at a local restaurant for dinner.

Of course we had to get the obligatory pic of Matt’s hand vs. Annette’s hand. So hand size doesn’t play into how well one shoots… Just sayin…

And the tribe gathered at the restaurant… Probably the best armed room in the restaurant! 🙂

We ate well, Texas de Brazil has QUALITY meats, just sayin…

And stories were told… And laughter was enjoyed, and there were hugs, smiles and we enjoyed a couple of hours with the tribe…

Today is more walking the floor, and I’ll try to get a post or two up of anything I find interesting. If you have something you want me to look at/check out, leave it in comments.


NRA AM day 1… — 13 Comments

  1. Thank you for allowing me to live through your adventures at NRA-Texas.

  2. Thanks for the reports – hope y’all didn’t have too big of a meat coma after the meal. I liked what I heard from DJT, but now it’s time for some concrete actions on national reciprocity and HPA! And to those who say, “not in a mid term year”, I think having gun control front and center and the limbs having apoplectic fits over it during the campaign would be perfect!

    Enjoy the rest of the meeting!

  3. Gah! And here I am sitting on the counter doing a whole bunch of nothing. Have fun.

  4. LL- I’ll do my best… 🙂

    Tom- Agreed! We plan to!

    Drang- You’re going to make it, right?

    SPE- Sorry…

  5. Thanks for being Johnny-On-The-Spot sir. Have fun ! If you see something especially awesome from the CZ folks in rim fire firearms, that would be cool to know about.

  6. And all those Colt Walkers in the Dallas Arms Collectors Association booth

  7. Thanks for reporting on all the cool stuff for those of us stuck in other places.

  8. Excellent! Wanted to go but my mother’s birthday had to lead, so we celebrated at a distance.