An interesting perspective…

After Parkland it was all the kids, all the time, gun control Eleventy!!!

After Santa Fe, pretty much bupkis after three days…

Matt Vespa from did some digging and what he’s found is interesting. Full article, HERE.

I think his takeaway is exactly correct…

There will be no CNN town hall for these students. National media won’t interview them because it doesn’t push the gun control agenda. They want liberal rage. These kids and this community is grieving together and not rushing into the arms of liberal, anti-gun insanity. For the news media, gun deaths are only tragic if political dividends could potentially be reaped. If not, the reaction is more or less a collective shrug—whatever. It’s Texas—I’m sure that’s a common observation in the newsrooms of America’s elite media. 

And then there is THIS article from The Motley Fool…

Remember, Smith & Wesson purchased Thompson/Center back in 2007. Publicly, S&W said that the acquisition was part of a diversification strategy, with an emphasis T/C’s long guns. However, an instructor in one S&W armorer class claimed that it had been to gain more barrel-making capacity, which could have been for the the then new M&P15. In either case, they made out pretty well on the deal.

I was going to reference an article in the WAPO about the push for CDC research into ‘gun violence’ that the left hopes would push America away from guns like the tobacco research did, but it’s behind a paywall… It’s yet ANOTHER avenue that the left is trying.

Then there is the ‘stuff’ Intuit is pulling with Gunsite,  among others, post HERE and HERE at Bayou Renaissance Man. Questionably legal at best, it is yet another attempt to run businesses that deal with guns out of business…


An interesting perspective… — 7 Comments

  1. Sounds like the the Texas kids are more rational, and mature, than Hogg and his ilk.

  2. I think I’m going to start reading Town Hall a lot more often. There was plenty of warning on the shooter Cruz, and no one did anything about it. Now the anti-freedom crowd is trying to preach to someone other than their own choir, and they find a definite lack of believers. Are they surprised? You bet they are.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. I hear from younger cousins with children in middle and high schools, SJW bulling is common, abetted by like minded teachers. Big silence from the MSM on that subject.

    • Sadly, I am quite unsurprised. This feels like one more reason to solve school shootings by… getting rid of the schools (as they are currently foisted).

  4. WSF- That it is, and even WORSE in Kalifornia. My grandson just kept his mouth shut and head down.

    Orvan- Or a complete reset on the teachers… sigh

    • Reset how? Send me to a re-education camp? Ban me from teaching ever again? I’m honestly curious.