Sigh, I like my shipmates… I really do…

But some people… One of the guys in one of my squadrons took a pic of his fish tank…

And posted it in one of the FB forums I’m on. And the guessing games began. Well, actually not guessing. The first ten answers were all correct. USSR Golf Class submarine.

And then it got nuts… Identifying ‘which’ Golf it was…

And then people started chiming in that they’d flown on that particular boat…

Does the Glomar Explorer ring a bell???

Sigh… I like my shipmates… But there are times… 🙂


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  1. Well, ya gotta love the Navy since of humor. Then, again, some memories are dulling a bit to the point that you think you did when you didn’t.

  2. LOL, indeed. I guess the attack dolphins would demand the screws be bent ‘just like this,’ for reasons they won’t say. Like the tankers who insist the T-72 must have the turret accoutrement just like the one they watched for 3 years.

  3. He needs a Glomar Explorer floating over the Golf boat, with a portion of it in the grip of a claw.

  4. CP/Larry- Point…LOL

    PK- Exactly!!! 🙂

    LL- Apparently working on that… Needs a bigger fish tank! 😀

    RC- Nah, something Rust Maru… 🙂

  5. So he needs a little Kursk to go with it!

    And if he gets a Global, make sure he has a figure of Bob Ballard on her bridge! 😉

  6. You and your buddies know you’re suppose to put on your O2 masks once you hit 10,000 feet, don’t you?

  7. Tom- He was out by then… And screw Bob Ballard. He’s an ass!

    Stretch- Snerk… sure, sure…. We got nosebleed above 5000 😀

  8. Damn it, I snorted Dos XX out my nose. And so help me my first was
    “Kursk? No, too old” and I’m a damn Infantry man. Too many TOM Clancy novels.

  9. While Glomar Explorer was conducting mining operations near the Hawaiian Islands, five destroyers conducted ASW training exercises for a couple of months to ensure that the mining operations would not be detected. Spent a couple of months doing that one fine summer, went in to port often enough for fuel and stores.

  10. For what it is worth, here is a manual for the Glomar Explorer. It was quite a piece of engineering. Also follow the link to “additional docs” for peoples’ remembrances of the project.

  11. I thought collision with a trawler while surfacing was the reason the Kursk sank. Maybe I’m confusing it with another Russian sub loss. There were so many…