Odd… This got almost NO coverage…

Bank of America has apparently followed Dicks, Delta, and Intuit down the rathole…

Bank of America has sold its interest in gun manufacturer Remington Outdoor Co. and made peace with anti-gun activists in the Parkland community.

Full story, HERE.

Makes me glad I dumped BofA two years ago as my bank. But I wonder if they are still invested in beer, liquor, or cigarette manufacturers??? Just curious…

On the other side of the coin, there is THIS letter to the editor up in Buffalo, NY…

Personally, I believe the real reason the SJZs, media, et al don’t want kids to learn about guns is to allow the school systems to brainwash them at an early age that guns are bad. Once they’ve accomplished that with a generation or two, they really believe they can take another run at 2A, and get it overturned…

Meanwhile, This Ain’t Hell blog has an article up , HERE that talks about how the MSM slants media coverage when a good guy with a gun is involved. If you just scan the headlines, or depend on soundbites, you’d never know the perps happened to take on two CCW carriers.

It’s not paranoia, when they ARE out to get you…



Odd… This got almost NO coverage… — 14 Comments

  1. I do not believe the goal of the SJZs, media, et al is to overturn the 2nd amendment. Their goal is to overturn all the amendments and change the current US Constitution into a “Living Constitution”. They just see the 2nd amendment as the easiest target, it already has a large crowd against it. As soon as one falls the others will follow.

  2. I too formerly banked at BoA, but dumped them a few years back. Never did care for them. Now I’m especially glad I did.

  3. It was only due to Best Buy using Citi that I had anything at all to do with Citi – and that’s now over. Both Citi and BoA stand out, even before this, as the Big Two that “innovate” new ways to screw over their customers. Thus, this utterly fails to surprise me… and I have no BoA anything that I need to cancel. BoA stuff is shredder fodder, nothing more.

  4. Thanks for the heads up and update, Old NFO. I don’t use BofA. If I did, I’d find another bank because of this.

  5. We can always vote with our wallets. Last trip flew on American instead of Delta. Had connections and Delta was more convenient.

    My few dollars weren’t a blip on Delta’s balance sheet, to be sure, but if enough of us? I’m also lobbing hard for my part time employer to drop Delta. Eighteen “DASH” (priority – must fly) shipments a week might be noticeable.

  6. Voting with our wallets is probably the only way we can hurt them. I just hope it’s enough to make them take notice.

  7. Exactly. Sick of this uninformed and uneducated idiocy. The liberals do not care about the truth.

  8. Hey Old NFO;

    I was impressed that the local news besides CNN covered it as “Concealed Carry defended themselves”https://www.wsbtv.com/www.wsbtv.com/news/local/dekalb-county/police-say-several-people-shot-in-dekalb-county/770611261

  9. Been out of BofA for a long time, and WF as well. The little guy doesn’t matter to any of them.