Dog daze…

If you’re southern, you’ve heard of the Dog Days of Summer…

Although that’s not the original meaning, for southerners, that’s when the dog goes, “Hell no, I’m not going outside…”

That was pretty much Obi all day. He would come over an paw at me, I’d take him to the back door, open it, and he’d get about half way out, then turn around and bolt right back in. He’d go back and flop down where the fan was blowing on him… Lather, rinse, repeat four or five times.

Then he finally came over and started doing his ‘I gotta go’ dance. I got up and did the drill again, and this time he actually went out, ran straight to ‘his’ spot, peed, and immediately raced back inside. Sigh…

Now the ‘rest’ of the story is that the original meaning was related to Sirrus and it’s position in the sky, as reported HERE, by NatGeo.

Talked to a friend in DC yesterday afternoon, and they’d gotten four inches of rain, with more predicted for the rest of the week. He was grumbling something about gills… 🙂

Wherever you may be, stay safe this week! Stay out of the heat, or stay away from the flooding!

I’m gonna go find an ice machine and climb in… Prediction is that we ‘might’ get one day below 100 sometime this week. Not betting on it!


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  1. Just too damn hot in Texas to do ANYTHING outside. Gawd, it sucks to get old ! But I’m going to have to put on my big girl panties and get it done – pasture down here is getting overrun with huisache and those are tough to root out if you let them get too big. Too, I have a brand new Greenworx rechargeable pole saw to get those higher mesquite limbs – Tally Ho !

    Taking lots of water and ibuprofen too.

  2. We had days and days of 90º+ high humidity, then the rain came and Friday night was in the mid 60s. So nice to be able to sleep with the windows open!

  3. I don’t know why you think the world is ending. We have had several days of 110 index and you know how high 90s and 100s is with 5000000% humidity. Blah.

  4. Timing is everything…We tucked tail and ran for the mountains just prior to the 110+ arriving in our spot in Texas and if the Weather Guessers are to be believed we will be returning just in time to see the temps plunge down to the mid 90’s.
    Being a former Weather Guesser myself I take any forecast more than three or four days out with a massive hunk of sodium. However, since we want it to happen so bad (along with a couple of million of my closest friends) I’m sure this forecast will hit. I do have to admit that I loved being a Weather guy, where else could you be wrong half the time and still keep your job.

    MSG Grumpy

  5. Hot and humid here, but it’s bearable; what inconvenienced this weekend was a tornado that touched down on my youngest son’s yard and dropped half a tree on one of their cars. They went without power, and had to work their way out via tree-strewn country roads to stay with her parents.

  6. It will get into the mid-80’s (dry air) at the White Wolf Mine this week. Summer is the warm time but even winter it’s not too bad because the air is dry and even 40 is ok for shirt sleeves or a light jacket.

    However, down in the Valley in Phoenix you leave bits of your sneakers behind on the asphalt as it is hot as the surface of the sun.

  7. I was in New Jersey over the weekend, and Friday was the first July day there I can remember where it wasn’t hot. Upper seventies with a nice breeze… apparently courtesy of the approach of the rare summer Nor’easter that hit Saturday afternoon.

  8. Have you ever read Robert Heinlein’s “Door into Summer”?
    Just the first few paragraph’s will explain Obi’s thinking.

  9. Yesterday was supposed to be mid 90’s with a 20% chance of rain. So, of course, the Front decided to form over us all day long, which meant all day long the weather warnings would go off. Sky go ‘kaboom’, radio and tv would go ‘rrr – rrr – rrrr’. For 8 friggin hours. The temp at 6pm was 69 degrees.

    But now we get to survive living in an overgrown oak hammock surrounded by swamp, which means very high humidity and steamy heat. India subcontinent weather heat. Bleh.

    Weather guessers. As MSG Grumpy said, be wrong and still keep your job.

  10. Days like these are why G-d enlightened St. Willis of Syracuse on the mysteries of practical mechanical refrigeration.

  11. Here in the cencal valley it has been 100+ for two weeks or longer. The guessers say another week of 105+.
    Anyone have a spare room at the coast?

  12. All- Thanks, and I know I’m preaching to the choir.., sigh

    Posted from my iPhone..

  13. The high 90’s heat wave broke here today. Temp dropped to 65*, and we’re getting some nice, steady rain.

    I can almost feel Fall in the air. Next month fer sure!

  14. Once upon a time it was -40 every night for two weeks and didn’t break 0 (F) for a high for those two weeks. Grandma was in Biloxi with (other, younger) grandkids had decided that said grandkids were old enough that her presence was no long essential and she was moving back north. We told her of the recent frigid weather. Her answer, “God’s Country!”