Occasionally one gets to see ‘weird’ things from the old P-3…

And you wanted to see THESE from a distance… Sadly, the ones we took were black and white, but a shipmate sent me this one from another event he was on as reminder…

And then we occasionally got to go play up north… 90 North…


Now I’m an old fart and paying for all those ‘fun’ times. But I wouldn’t change it for the world…


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  1. 1) Does it count as “finding” one when it’s sticking up like that?

    2) Think of all the money you saved the Navy by not having to do sonobouy drops through the ice pack.

  2. Yes, indeed, we pay for our halcyon days, don’t we?

    But all things considered, would you have been happier to have sold shoes at the Sears in Amarillo? I think not. Life as a feather merchant is pretty pale when considered to what you did.

  3. Middle of the night, looking out the aft station port side window on a P2V-7 while flying into a tropical storm and seeing only the lightening flashes and exhaust flame of the port engine. Then a round light the size of a basketball flashed up inside the tip tank and started to slowly bounce along the wing heading inbound. I was told later it was some kind of St. Elmo’s Fire.

  4. Try going up and down those ladders on a ship. We used to do it like monkeys in a tree, but not anymore.

  5. Trying to understand the first picture… Obviously an aircraft in the foreground but what are the white flashes ?.. I’m probably going have a “Well, Duh” moment at the answer but that’s OK… I probably deserve it

    • Looks like tracer…

      I never flew that far north, and where I WAS flying “up north” I wasn’t supposed to have a camera.
      (Wish now I’d ignored that rule, never have another chance.)

  6. Wish I had a count on the hours I spent gazing out that round window.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    Those looked pretty cool and I know about paying for all the dumb things we did in our youth…*Ouch*

  8. Yep, it’s SMILS. Not Kwaj, Ascension. Aesop/STS1- We DID drop buoys, and tracked them TO that point… LOL

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    • I flew with SMILS 1973-1975 and did one Kwajalein shoot on an early Trident. I worked on the photo side of the project and have a picture somewhere around here of a MIRV with one spectacular failure.