Humor me here…

Now we all know that PETA has forced Barnums’ Crackers to change their box to this…

It represents their ‘utopia’ that doesn’t even come close to reality…

Now ‘my’ proposal would be a little more realistic, and I’d credit it to PETA too…

h/t Tom and Jeff for that one

And apparently somebody designed a ‘new’ vending machine for the south side of Chiraq… Takes a dollar coin! 🙂

Of course they need to expand their selections a little bit… 😀

h/t JP





Humor me here… — 16 Comments

  1. Its no wonder people can’t visualize that chicken is actually made from a cut up chicken. We live in a make believe world, that animals actually talk and interact with each other like neighbors.

    An animals thoughts are made up of one prime thought – WHAT AM I GOING TO EAT NEXT ? Food is everything.

  2. Does PETA realize that when the box is open, we EAT the animals inside, just like in real life? What is the lesson learned, then?

    • Who in their right minds would eat a box of Vegetable Crackers?

      Oh, I got a Broccoli! I think this one is a cucumber… No, that’s a Zucchini, see, just like on the box.


      Now, I want jelly filled animal crackers. Go for the complete visual, maybe one of those recorded sound thingies like in gift cards that has animal screams when you open the box.

  3. The PETA folks knowledge of the world of wildlife was learned by watching Bambi. Everyone knows that all the animals are friends.

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  5. Anon- Excellent point!

    CP- LOL, that would require coherent thought processes… 🙂

    Jim- Point!

  6. As I posted over at Miguel’s “Gun Free Zone”: Yum…free range zebra.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    We humor you all the time…”What you talking about Willis”?

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  9. In Chicago most of the homeboys don’t use rifles….all you need is .40 and 9mm. ’cause Glock and Tec-9….