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As indie writers, we either support each other, or we suffer as individuals. Most of us cannot afford the big bucks to advertise, so we try to boost the signal when folks publish a new book.

And Alma has a new one out in the Merchant and Empire series! Imperial Magic!

Click on the cover to get it!!!

The blurb-

The Great Northern Emperor Returns!

Ewoud Rhonarida needs experience, or so his father insists. Tycho sends his son east, to the trading center of Kehlibar vlee. There, Ewoud must learn to balance deference with duty. When he fails, it costs one man his life and endangers more.

But Ewoud attracts the attention of the Great Northern Emperor. This could be a boon. Or it could signal the undoing of the Galnaar family.

Tycho labored to remain unnoticed. Will his son’s fame be the family’s ruin?

A short novel, 72,000 words.

I’ve read portions of it, and it’s GOOD! Based on actual historic trading practices, there are some twists and turns that leave you wanting more!!!


Book Promo… — 3 Comments

    • Thank you! I am 15,000 words into the next book, and trying to get it finished within the next few weeks, life and Day Job permitting.

  1. Its a heck of a time when 72,000 words is considered a short novel

    This does sound great though so thanks for the recommendation