True history…

Eight minutes of your time that will be well spent. This is a well researched, and well presented video on the ‘assault rifle’ terminology, media use, and anti-gunner’s use.

What is truly frustrating to me is the ‘purposeful’ misuse of the term to, yet again, advance a false agenda of gun control. When you couple this with the demonization of the NRA and its members, it is, IMHO, a concerted effort to shut us up/criminalize us in the minds of the general public.

YMMV, IANAL, and I didn’t stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night either…

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True history… — 14 Comments

  1. And none of this will have any impact whatsoever on the minds of the Left. They are impervious to such mundane things as facts, logic, reason, and history. Narrative über alles!

  2. So the term assault rifle is just more fake news.
    That was a very interesting video.

  3. Really?!!?

    It takes ten seconds with a search engine to discover that:

    Assault rifle – a lightweight rifle developed from the sub-machine gun, which may be set to fire automatically or semi-automatically.

    Assault WEAPON – term invented by the left to demonise semi-auto only, medium-calibre firearms that LOOK like assault rifles.

    • Yes, I know, 10 seconds with a search engine vs 8 minutes with the video, but… she’s Cute!!! And has a nice voice!!!

      In contrast to the ugly on the outside and inside harridans of the leftists, she’s a friggin Botticelli painting.

  4. Excellent!

    Sometimes I just want to buy a cheap one and put it on my wall just because I get so aggravated about this issue.

  5. I was an FFL in Kalifornia from 1993 to 2012. I saw it all from the beginning, starting with the Roos-Roberti act which was the template for the later federal ban. Thank the NRA that the federal ban had a sunset clause. Click on the link for a look at a flow chart of Kalifornia law today.

  6. Been my experience that antigun folks see the facts of the issue as irrelevant. Its all about the “feels” and “ if there were no guns we would all be safe” and if you dont want guns to magically disappear” you must want innocent children to be murdered”

  7. All- Thanks for the comments, and RHT, thanks for that link! Educational!!!

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