Oldies but goodies…

This weekend was one for seeing some beautiful oldies…

Beautiful 55 shoebox sedan delivery! Talking to the owner, it was four years and a ‘lot’ of money that went into the restoration. It’s running a crate 350 with a Turbo 400 behind it.

And this one… A 53 3100 (1 ton) Chevy pickup. I didn’t talk to the owner, but wow…

And this rear graphic is something else!

We were all parked WELL away from the store, the white truck behind this one was also Marines. LOL

The one I didn’t get a pic of, was a 1970 Mercury Grande Marquis Brougham, fully outfitted, including wheel pants, that looked all original. It was leaving a parking lot as I was pulling in, being driven by a little old white haired lady. I’m betting that one was immaculate inside and out too!

Sigh… So many nice cars, so little money…


Oldies but goodies… — 10 Comments

  1. Those two were the trucks with the note: “never mind dog, beware of Marine.”

    Saw a restored Impala 550 over the summer, but not as nice as these. Those are some amazing rebuilds, with everything fitting and looking right. Makes you want to drool.

  2. Drooling and remembering are as close as I’ll get to such vehicles, too. Darn it. But those are very nicely done!

  3. So few people appreciate fine machinery these days… it is always nice to run into those who do.

  4. I used to have a ’53 Chevy pickup years ago. Loved it. One day I needed the money more than the truck so I had to sell it. Wish I had it back.

  5. Beautiful.
    May as well drive those vehicles, as you could only get about 1/3 of the money it costs to do a rebuild like those if you sold them.
    Unless you do all of the work yourself.
    Then you might break even.

    And if I hit the lotto, I am getting a black on yellow 57 Chevy Bel Air station wagon.
    I have pictures of 3 year old me with a rag “polishing” the bumper on my parents 57 in 57.