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Cyn Bagley has another short story up- The Utter Truth.

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The blurb-

“I dream in red.”
In a land where predators are the boogie-man, what kind of job can a lion get?

David Tatum has a story, A Gun for Shalla, in the anthology Fantastic Defenders.

The Blurb-

Across astounding and magical worlds, five heroes step forward to defend against magical threats:

  • A sorceress in a besieged city faces a malignant force even more dangerous than the city’s would-be conquerors.
  • An unassuming bureaucrat stumbles upon a threat to a vast empire and deals with it in his own inimitable fashion.
  • A resourceful bodyguard for an infant princess, trapped and surrounded by merciless assassins, finds a unique way to hold them at bay.
  • A mage press-ganged into the Royal Navy finds himself volunteered for a dangerous secret mission on foreign soil.
  • A disgraced royal guardian who failed in protecting his king hunts down those who cost him his honor.


Alma Boykin has the final book in her Powers trilogy out- Against a Rising Tide

The blurb-

The World War has ended. The battles rage on.

Five years after the end of the World War, men, Half-Dragons and True-Dragons labor to repair the damage. The English and French insist on punishing the nations of the Habsburg Confederation and Germany, while nationalists and Communists threaten to tear the alliance and the Houses apart from within. As chaos swirls and tensions rise, István Eszterházy and Archduke Rudolph von Habsburg struggle to preserve order, and to preserve both Houses and Powers. Worse, an old enemy from the war stalks István, intent on revenge.

But true danger lurks to the east. The forces that destroyed Galicia threaten to devour all of the Powers and Houses, killing the very soil of the land as they do. As another war rages, István and Rudolph must hide the secret of the Powers from forces more terrible than the Mongols and ottomans combined.

And last, but not least, Margaret Ball has a new book in the Applied Topology series out- A Creature of Smokeless Flame.

The blurb-

Thalia Kostis and her cohort knew the CIA was funding their group of research mathemagicians, but they’d never demanded results like this before! After terrorists use magic to kidnap hostages from the agency’s headquarters, the Center for Applied Topology finds themselves torn from their cubicles and dragged across three continents, from holding cells to terrorist safehouses as the superiors who never believed in them before are now demanding impossible results.

Now academics who can’t organize a donut run are finding out there are worse fates than loss of funding… If they don’t find and stop the magicians responsible, they’re going to lose their lives!


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  1. I’ve enjoyed reading the previous books in Ball’s series, and I had deluded myself into thinking I was getting caught up in my reading. Now there is another new book to read.
    Retirement has meant increased reading time, but I didn’t realize that retirement would also mean finding more and more great authors to read.
    I suspect there is a moral here somewhere.

  2. Applied Topology, eh? Lord knows that enough weird things happen in three dimensions that act magical, let alone anything more complicated. Sounds like another author to enjoy reading. I’ll start at the beginning. Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. OldNFO,it reminds me of the logic and diagrams from de Camp and Pratt’s magical misadventures of Harold Shea. Mix of highbrow humor and slapstick, and easy reading. I like it, so far