Busy writing…

So you get these…

I did this one yesterday morning and it is in response to Swalwell, the left coast congresscritter…

And this one is damned true!!!

A lot of folks are bailing today for Thanksgiving, so please drive/travel safe! We want you back next week! Now get off the damn net and go spend time with family!!!


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  1. :yeahthat: ^^^

    ‘xcept I’m here in Texas too. Try and stay warm and dry.

  2. I’ll have to show that meme to my son-in-law. He’s ex-air force. Enjoy your holiday and eat all you like. This Thursday all food has zero calories so that is possible.

  3. If someone jams GPS the Air Force will be navigating by the stars also. They had a exercise not long ago just for that problem. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  4. Bad- And the same to you, sir!

    Anon- Will do, now to get the @#$%& turkey thawed… sigh

    Jim- Feel free! And agreed!

    Ed- And they failed miserably… 😀 Same to you, sir!

  5. None of the missile launch control centers have star ratings–too much dirt in the way.

  6. Busy writing? Yea!!

    But take time to enjoy Thanksgiving!! Family/friends time is important too.

    Hope you have a nice holiday with lots of good food, good times, and a good drink!

    Now I am off to cook dinner as my son is visiting 🙂

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Ed, I also heard results from an Army exercise where a 2LT was allowed to use GPS navigation. First Sergeant had lots of trouble in keeping a straight face when he offered a compass and map during the “deny” part.

  8. Have a great day Jim. Hope all your family can be there, or you, there at their house! Are there enough ‘there’s” in that sentence? Have a Happy!

  9. Jim – with all due respect, while the USAF (my former service) does do a lot of hotel stuff, we too use the stars for nav, ask C-130 folks in particular. And while the Navy pushed for space-based nav (think SPAWAR), the USAF owns and manages GPS. One of the babies that I’m supporting here.
    As for GPS-denied, I ain’t sayin’ nuttin’…
    Safe and warm Thanksgiving to you, family, and the rest of the horde in Tx.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    Have a good Turkey day and squeeze in the writing in between all the turkey….stuffing….cranberry sauce….and football.

  11. Ya missed one – the Coast Guard doesn’t need stars cuz they got LORAN (only the old guys will get it)

    • Why did the Coast Guard have a base in the Oklahoma Panhandle? That was one of the LORAN stations. We giggled a lot about that. I might still have my LORAN charts somewhere.

  12. Gomez- It’s now E-LORAN, and it’ll get you within 5 or so miles… 🙂

    TXRed- Yep, long baseline.

    • AFAIK both versions of LORAN went the way of the dodo – along with CW (now that is ‘really’ old school)