Road Trip…

Off to a writer’s conference to see if I can beat some knowledge into my head on writing…

Life, the Universe and Everything is three days in Provo, UT with over 200 panels on various parts of the craft. Well worth it, and a good chance to catch up with friends and other writers.

Blogging and commenting will be light for the next few days. Your regularly scheduled brain drippings will return next Monday.


Road Trip… — 12 Comments

  1. Tomorrow, LTUE is going to release “Trace the Stars,” an anthology of some pretty great stories. All of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward deferring the cost of student tickets to the LTUE conferences, and that’s a good thing. The more young readers, the more vigorous the genre will remain, so please consider this as you budget your precious few coins.
    I review the anthology on my blog; a condensed version will go on Amazon as soon as it’s legal to do so.

  2. Writing can eat your brain.

    Having said that, the battery recharge that comes with being around other like-minded creative types is considerable. It sound like a lot of fun. I need to do something like that, myself. There’s so much to be learned.

  3. Enjoy your trip. I can’t imaging it’s going to be warm and sunny this time of year, but do you best.

  4. You will, of course, be giving a lecture on “How to keep several novels in the air at the same time.”
    Show them how it’s done!

  5. Good luck! It’s supposed to be snowy here for the next few days.