Grumpy, fat old man on a panel…

Trying to explain the differences in self defense in the US vs. other parts of the world… Sigh

Also on History of MilSF panel; Grieving Chronic Illness and Death panel; and Drones and Robots panel.

We only ran one person out of the Grieving panel, but I DID give them a trigger warning that it was going to be a very dark panel.

A number of positive comments after the various panels, and more than a few stops in the hallways with “Can you explain?”

And apparently a small world hit- Friend of mine’s FIL was apparently in the audience on the drone panel, and said, “That panel as the second most memorable part of LTUE for him.”

The LibertyCon contingent was out in force, I think we were on something over 20 panels total. It was great to see friends, and MANY thanks to Jonathan LaForce and the others who did the fantastic dinner and not a birthday (not for me) last night!

This year seemed to have more ‘energized’ audiences, with many good questions, and a lot of sidebars afterward with other presenters.

And I have to call out a class act at SLC yesterday. Ice T was on the same flight to DFW, and he was recognized by a young fan (part of a group of probably 20). He was very gracious, spent about fifteen minutes taking pictures with them individually and then got them in for a group picture. He never acted put out, and smiled the whole time, and was also gracious to people getting on the airplane who recognized him. Kudos and no wonder he has the fan base he does! Well done, sir!


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  1. The first word in your post led me to believe you’d be talking about something in the world of Snow White, but I was wrong.

    It sounds like you would need a lot of clones to get to see everything you’d want to see at LTUE.

    Any chance of video showing up on the toob of yew?

    • Some of last year’s panels are up. I think they wait a year, but I could have mis-read.

  2. What is the difference in self defense between us and the rest of the world?

    • We can self-defend in many places? Yeah, I was wondering too…

    • The primary difference between Oz and the US is – here in Oz, you are not permitted to prepare for self-defence.
      A secondary difference is the extreme adherence to “proportionality of force” – the old “fight fists with fists” trope.

      To expand a little:
      It is NOT lawful to carry ANY item that can be used as a weapon – a Leatherman multi-tool can draw the ire of officialdom just as much as a katana. Even if there is not an altercation, look forward to being charged with “carrying an offensive weapon in public” or “going armed so as to cause terror” if you draw the attention of police.

      It is almost unheard of for anyone being allowed to carry a firearm for self-defence. Even licensed security guards are explicitly carrying a weapon to protect the valuables – and human life is not valuable.

      All handguns are registered BEFORE taking possession, “good reason” is required to justify said possession, and self-defence is EXPLICITLY stated as NOT a valid “good reason”.

      One elderly man was charged with murder after shooting an armed intruder while in their own home; after retreating to a last point of refuge; retrieving a shotgun from secure storage; issuing repeated verbal warnings; and only shooting to protect an invalid, bedridden spouse when the intruder smashed through the final door.

  3. Hmmm. Interested to hear more about Grieving Chronic Illness panel. Any chance you could elaborate in a future post? I promise not to run out of the room…

    And also interested in more info on the drone discussion considering what has been going on and off over at Bayou Ren Man’s site for the last year or so (ongoing discussion of flying pests and illegal uses.)

    Sounds like it was a fun time, full of good discussion.

    And it is nice to hear that some ‘famous’ people know how to properly handle fame.

  4. OK. Ya got me. WAHT is the difference between self-defense here and elsewhere?

  5. I’d have been interested to hear your comments on self defence. However, it seems to me that the issue is actually much broader than self defence. In most of the rest of the world, most people — the vast majority — are trained from the word go to look to their local political power for pretty much everything, and the real distinction is that at least some of us in USA think in terms of self reliance (which does include self defence, but a lot of other stuff too), whereas in most of the rest of the world self reliance is not part of the people’s mindset — even where it is not actively discouraged.

    • Look at it from this perspective:

      In broad brush terms, in the US, if it is not explicitly PROHIBITED by law, then you can do it.

      In Australia, if it is not explicitly PERMITTED by law, then you can’t do it.

      It’s the difference between independence from colonial Britain by political agreement, and independence from colonial Britain at the point of a gun – we got to keep all the laws derived from droit de seigneur.

  6. All- I’ll do some posts on those. In a nutshell, the rights to self defense we have here DO NOT necessarily transfer to other places…

    Posted from my iPhone.

    • Until the 1990s, my state’s laws on guns and self defense were practically identical to Australia’s, despite being unConstitutional.

      We still don’t have our full Constitutional rights back, but we’re making good progress, having both open and unlicensed carry now…

      What I found interesting was that when the Governor finally signed off on “Constitutional Carry”, the State Police have noted that the number of people purchasing state concealed carry licenses is basically unchanged. An Arkansas CHCL is good in forty states; I keep mine in case I need to travel somewhere; apparently I’m not the only one.

  7. Not to get off topic but— Just finished Militia UP and am wondering when we can expect the next episodes? If you would quit gallivanting off Hither and Yon, it could be half done already! Sarc

    • Okay, that was weird. First read it as “off Hitler and Yoan.” A German and a Korean? What do they have to do with NFO?

      And that’s how my mind works…

  8. Ev- Working on it… Not sure of the timeframe, since I have to finish the last Grey Man first!

    Beans- No comment… LOL

    Mrs.C- Oh HELL no!!!

    • Re: Your comment to Mrs. C. Imagine how many extra mags and stuff you can carry in one of those tweeders. Maybe uparmor it with some Kevlar and soft plates…

      • I’m the tweedy bird of the group. 😛 Peter and Dorothy can vouch for me. They’ve seen me in tweed.