One wonders what stories they told…

They had to have been in their 90s at the time this was taken. I also wonder what they thought about the advances in weapons! From cap and ball to semi-auto pistols and rifles, from horses to automobiles and airplanes. And I wonder how many battles they survived and how many friends they lost.


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  1. I remember reading an article in the early 1960s, as the centennial of the war brought increased interest, which stated that were still three Civil War veterans alive at that time. All three had served as drummers, two for the Union, and one for the Confederacy.

    • The last confirmed civil war vet was Albert Woolson, he served with the 1st Mn heavy artillery in Chatanooga in 64-65. He enlisted at age 14 and died in 1956 at the age of 106.

  2. I imagine that If I’m still around in 2042, those of us at the reunion will be comparing the M16A1 to those newfangled phased plasma rifles in the 40 watt range that the youngsters are packing now while riding in one of the new hover-jeeps.

    • Nah. They’ll be complaining about the M16A6 and how it still takes two or three bursts of 5.56×45 to drop a Hadji.

  3. Pat- I vaguely remember that. I know there were ‘widows’ that were still alive into the 1970s!

    Carb- I did see that one. He was a drummer, if I remember correctly.

    Jim- Probably…LOL

  4. Late 1970s/early ’80s. Some newly elected member of VA’s House of Delegates decided HIS maiden speech would be meaningful! He’d pored over the state budget and found a line item that was going to be his springboard to political heights. He questioned the funds for the maintenance of Confederate widows. “How many Confederate widows could there be to require such a drain on the taxpayer?” At that point the Speaker of the House stood and said “Well, when I visited Momma last Sunday there were thirteen.” He then ordered the Sergeant at Arms to escort the delegate from he floor. The idiot was smart enough to know his political career was over and he didn’t ever stay for the rest of the session.

    • Stretch, nowadays that fool would be hailed as an Antifa hero, fighting against those evil racists!

  5. WSF- Yep! 😀

    Stretch- Ouch!!!

    TB- Probably… sigh

    Rick/Ed- All of us would! But then we appreciate history!