Worth watching…

This one is 24 minutes long, but it will bring a tear to your eye…

One family’s connection thanks to an airplane.

I hope you enjoyed it, and they truly were the greatest generation! Thankfully there is another generation that is preserving the airplanes so more generations can see and hear them for real.


Worth watching… — 8 Comments

  1. They saved the world, then threw away America.

    It wasn’t the boomers who passed the Immigration Act that guaranteed our nation’s death through slow acting poison.

    It wasn’t the boomers who passed the Civil Rights Act that destroyed the Constitution.

  2. A great video of an even greater American, whose modesty belies his war time accomplishments, a double ace no less.

    And I need to check the filters in the HVAC, seems to be dusty in here despite the rain and cold outside.

  3. A great video, ONFO. The mustang is one of my two favorite WWII fighter planes (the other is the British spitfire). Such beautiful planes that looked like they needed to be in the air. And the men who flew them are still my heroes. Thanks for this one.

  4. Thing is… it was never about “me”. It was their families, their sweethearts, their kids, their country, their God. Where are we now?

  5. “Bring a tear” ? How about a bucket full ? I love the plane, and now the man, but his granddaughter talking at the end is what unleashed the tears. I am ALL ABOUT my six grandchildren, and having lost a granddaughter at 22 YO this last summer made it all the more poignant . Thanks, Jim, so very much, for putting up this post! My Uncle who I am named for was a B-17 pilot out of East Anglia,(sp) UK and made 37 trips across the channel and came back every time!! Thanks again Bud.

  6. Thanks for that. Was a fan of all the planes of that era tomahawk, war hawk, dauntless corsair and many others. Always wanted to learn to fly but never did, yet. My fav is the P-38 lightning but to late in the war to gain history like the P-51 did so it gets a favored place in my heart for its accomplishments. To all of you veterans a hearty thank you for your service from my heart to yours. God Bless and God Speed

  7. I think the P-51 ended up being a fantastic fighter after they installed the Merlin engine and the bubble canopy which I think was the P-51D with a screaming sound when it comes over low and fast. What a great video and project to put that plane back together. Thank you and thanks for all the folks who work hard to maintain all those old 3/4 of a century planes.