Here we go again…

The Dems are going after the 2nd Amendment again, this time using doctors (again).

Democrats in the U.S. House are likely to approve spending $50 million in taxpayer funds for public health research on gun violence. While that may sound like a good idea at first glance, it really wouldn’t do anything to reduce gun violence in our country.

Full article, HERE.

And in other news, the ENTIRE Finnish government resigned Friday!

Finland’s entire government resigned Friday after the governing coalition failed to agree on the welfare state reform, just one month before elections were due to be held.

The reform tried to reorganize the welfare state amid an aging population and cut public spending by $3.4 billion in the next 10 years – an ambitious aim that many parties have tried and failed to achieve in the past.

Full article, HERE. AND they are ending their Universal Basic Income plan this year too… Unaffordable, and apparently the data coming back doesn’t support the goals they thought they would achieve (And they can’t afford it, OPM and all that).

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Here we go again… — 13 Comments

  1. Because violence is a contagious disease, treatable by doctors. Makes just as much sense as global warming. Brought to you by the same people who declared that gays and trannies are not only sane, but normal. They’ve already declared that masculinity is a treatable disorder.

    • They have ways of treating pregnancy too.

      My solution is to apply retroactive birth control to the “kill the baby” crowd.

  2. I heard about that. Guaranteed income to all. What could go wrong?

  3. They were not properly vaccinated against socialism.
    Now they will hopefully gain the immunity from suffering the disease.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    They tried that crap with the CDC during the Obungler administration and that little gem went nowhere. Now they want to waste more money trying to push a political point of view that isn’t supported by logic or common sense….eh sounds like democrats

  5. McC- Yep, there IS that… sigh

    LL- I could handle that!

    Jim- Oh, let me count the ways…

    Ed- We’ll see…

    Bob- Yep, now they are going to do it again, with the same results!

  6. Disarm citizens and they can control them more. It’s all about moving towards communism and socialism and eradicating a democratic republic.

  7. They will have “science” supporting gun control just like they have “science” supporting global warming.

  8. We supporters need to find ways to make the gun grabbers feel pain. Now it costs them little or nothing. Perhaps lawfare? Mueller is certainly using it.

  9. If any republican/conservative group were serious about things, they’d stop wasting money on think tanks and hire a passel of friendly lawyers. With lawyers on staff, lawsuits don’t really cost anything but the filing fee.

    Lawfare – it’s not just for Democrats any more.