Rut Roh…

Weather is hitting us hard. Rain/thunder/lighting…

Intermittent power surges, so no post this morning. Go read the folks on the sidebar.

And this is Obi this morning…



Rut Roh… — 14 Comments

  1. I suspect that this storm will last for a few days – but it’s true, a wet dog is a happy dog. The problem is not just the dog getting mud and water everywhere, it’s that unpleasant wet dog smell.

    • A dog will move heaven and earth to play in a muddy puddle, but will fight tooth and claw to avoid a bath, much like young boys.

  2. We’re getting rained on as well at the moment, the beginning of still another line of storms. Very annoying. The ground was finally showing signs of drying out and firming up again. Now that’s in the toilet.

  3. LL- Yep, you can mop up after them, but it’s HARD to mop the dog…

    NRW- Point! 🙂

    Jim- Same here…

    WSF- That it is!

  4. Storm line rolling in right now. Storms today and overnight, then winds over 50 MPH gusting 65+ tomorrow. Ah, March.

  5. I guess my dog is an oddity. She hates getting wet.

  6. Something tells me that’s pretty much Obi every morning. The fact that he gets to be a spaz AND be wet is just a bonus. Good dog.

  7. TxRed- You can keep it, but I know we’ll get it tonight…again…

    JMI- Lucky you!

    Randy- You too, sir!

    Tole- Shaddap…LOL

  8. In spite of it being the wettest Winter in years, we haven’t heard thunder here in PHX since getting here mid-December, and we’re REALLY looking forward to it when we get home in two weeks.
    (But the tornadoes come too. 🙁 )

  9. Just after 0000 here, and it’s been sprinkling for an hour or so.

    Wednesday will be a great day to stay inside and finish some projects.

  10. This reminds me of the good old days when I was greeted every morning by Main Lady carrying a cup of black coffee, and a dog that had just been outside and was overjoyed to greet me and tell me all about the weather.