Road trip…

I’m out of pocket for a few days, going to a Navy symposium to catch up with old fiends err… friends and catch up what’s going on in my old community.

This is the sound of my people! 😉

Not saying ‘we’ ever got that low, but we did operate on the deck a lot of the time doing ‘other’ things… 😀

These are the US squadrons that flew the P-3 before the drawdown…

Sadly many of these squadrons have had their colors covered and stowed, who knows what the future will be? Maybe they will rise again, as the threats continue to expand…


Road trip… — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks for working diligently to keep us safe for so long.

    The Navy is not perfect. I was reading up on the Fat Leonard Scandal updates the other day and said, “I’m not surprised that it happened.” In fact, I’m surprised that Fat Leonard was caught.

    Having said that, there are a lot of truly wonderful people in the Navy and those lasting friendships are like a fine wine that only becomes better with age. Fair winds and following seas to you and yours in the Brown Shoe Navy.

  2. Safe travels and smooth roads. Hope your visit with old friends goes well.

  3. Navy symposium? Will you need bail money or is it a different kind of symposium than I’m used to?

  4. Have a blast, mate. My ship reunion is in two weeks, this year in Long Beach at the Queen Mary. Fifty years since that tragic night of 3 June 1969. Can you actually watch that aeroship come in and fly off without seeing yourself inside doing your thing? A deeper meaning to you and your people for sure.

  5. LL- Thanks!

    Jrg- Other than Chicago, it wasn’t bad… But running from C29 to B4 was a HIKE!!! Sigh…

    Gerry- Hopefully NO bail money… LOL

    Rev- Thanks!

    CP- Point… and yes, still critiquing landings, even from the back…LOL

    Tole- Tryin!

  6. Have fun!

    Seeing those squadron emblems reminded me of the Indian Army room at Sandhurst — all those cap badges… Of course mine’s gone too because the UK decided it didn’t need a military in the brave new globalist utopia. I mean to say, why have regiments when you can have the dole (welfare) and CCTV?

  7. I see the German markings on that P-3. Kriegsmarine or Luftwaffe? Do they even make a difference?