Fakes, fakes, and more fakes…

AI systems development is getting scary…

We’ve seen some of this in the movies, where someone who has passed away is inserted into a new movie using CGI, but this stuff is even scarier!

This technology, called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), is behind the wave of digitally manipulated videos and photos called “deep fakes”.

The results are that famous people such as actors or politicians can be made to say and do whatever creators want and are difficult to prove as fake. 

Interesting article, HERE from The Telegraph Technology Intelligence section.

So now, you can’t even believe the video… Or can you???


Fakes, fakes, and more fakes… — 14 Comments

  1. Hey Old NFO;

    That shit is scary….Can you imagine someone using that technology to ruin your reputation and get you locked in the big house for something that you didn’t even do and the video evidence makes it a slam dunk for the prosecution. This is not good and will not end well, I can see the abuse happening already…..

  2. I’ve been expecting this since the movie Forrest Gump came out. That tech has been used in re-dubbing movies for other languages for some time. Scarier still is that the tech is real time now. A ‘live’ broadcast can be faked!

  3. To add onto Clayton’s comment, there were a lot of people questioning the shooting in NZ as fake and/or CGI, this adds a question mark to that event, was it real.

  4. I saw this in a movie called Looker back in the 80’s where a computer company was using CGI to create false images of models, politicians, whoever they wanted. Thank you Michael Crichton for giving us the idea in the first place…sigh. IMDB link if anyone cares.


    • You beat me to mentioning Looker. Almost nobody else seems to remember it.

      The computer stuff in the movie pushed the bounds of believability in 1980, but Crichton had picked up a minor in computer graphics (which was mostly math back in the ’60s) and a major in computer science, since he had plenty of spare time in Harvard Medical School. Oh, and when he needed more tuition money he just wrote another adventure novel; he wrote about a dozen, including “The Andromeda Strain”, before getting his MD, decided he didn’t want to be a doctor after all, and figured becoming a big Hollywood director and producer would be okay, so he did that instead…

      He was one of those guys who, just reading his biography makes me tired.

      • The idea first appeared in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.
        Heinlein had the computer “Mike” fake a spokesman for the revolution. Even made note of how the clock “behind” the spokesman was showing the correct time.

  5. On the bright side, if true, this moves towards easier replacement of Hollywood.

  6. All- Can’t disagree with anyone… Crichton had a medical/scientific background and wrote many books about technology going ‘wrong’…

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  7. Combining this with cell-phone videos that only seem to capture the ‘response’ portion of street actions, never the reason for the response portion, and the lying media will be able to lie even more effectively.

    Fully expect to see this used by factions of the DNC on each other, just in time for it to be used against President Trump and First Lady Melania (boy, I still love saying that!) during this next election cycle. Yay, us…

  8. Went to the Lincoln Museum in Spfield, IL some time ago. There, you see a man come out on stage to give a short talk about the atmosphere in our country during the war and at the time of Lincoln’s death. Wife and I felt something was strange about the guy, but couldn’t put a finger on why.
    And as we watched, the background of the set changed and the man’s clothing changed to that of a Civil war soldier.
    Amazing. And that was more than ten years ago.

  9. What I found startlingly obvious, is the fact that the position of the eyes stays the same in all images. That’s a deal breaker right there. So, I’m calling BS on it.