Apparently my post yesterday tripped off the #%*([email protected] sp*mbots again…

155 and counting as of 10pm last night. Most of them from, both of which come back as fakes. And the ‘comments’ are all in Russian…

Lovely… It was bad enough when I put up the post about the border, but to get this crap for a post on D-Day?


Go read the folks on the sidebar while I clean out the spambox.



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  1. Sorry to hear of trolls messing with your blog. Some people who don’t have a life make it difficult for others being productive. I hope you get them zapped soon.

  2. The trolls are way early. In older days, Comrade Peoples’ Commissar would have executed them for excessive revolutionary zeal. 22 Jun 44 was the start of Operation Bagration, when STAVKA destroyed Army Group Centre on the Eastern Front.

  3. Apparently, Vlad’s minions have been quite active over the last couple of days telling everyone that Overlord and the subsequent campaigns across France and the Netherlands and into Germany had no impact whatsoever on WWII, which was won solely due to the Glorious Peoples Sacrifices for the Motherland and Dear Leader Uncle Joe. Or something.

  4. I never get any spam. I feel somewhat neglected.

    However comma.

    This afternoon the phone rings. The number is unfamiliar, but being somewhat dim I answer it anyway. I should know better, right? Turns out it’s some guy, and he wants to know who called him from this number. Nice, huh? I wonder how many more of these calls I’m going to get.

    Turns out the caller was just an average type guy who apologized for disturbing me after I assured him that, straight money, I didn’t call him.

  5. I’m getting comments posted on my blog, too. Had a bunch that seemed to be advocating casinos in the Philippines. Then yesterday, a pest control service.

    If it would only increase my bandwidth, that would be okay, but I STILL only got 17 hits on my non-book review last post. If it’s a book review, I get up to a hundred. Who in the world is paying to have their spam sent to THAT kind of blog?

  6. jrg- At least the spam filter is catching most of them…

    Drang- And hassling the Navy (again, still)…

    MJ- Be glad! It’s a PITA, especially when they decide to try a DDOS on your blog

    Pat- Yeah, it works in strange ways sometimes.

  7. Like I posted on the SecNav’s Twitter feed* 🙂 I’m surprised the Russian navy has anything that would make it that far out of port…

    StratFor or Small Wars journal or another feed I follow retweeted his message.

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