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Alma Boykin is first up, with a new installment of her Familiar Series- Clearly Familiar

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The blurb-

Wandering wolverines, catfish in the sky, owls that can’t fly straight… Welcome back to the Familiar world, where magic and the mundane coexist (and collide).

These short stories introduce some new characters and revisit familiar (and Familiar) ones, including Morgana and Smiley Lorraine, Dr. William Lewis and Blackwell, and Shoshana Langtree. Sorcerers gone mad, heavy weather, and the thin line between insanity and magic, all standard fare in this Familiar place and time. 

Short story set, 47,000 words

A fun little series, with some unexpected twists and turns. Well worth the money!

Next up is Cedar Sanderson’s second in the Witchward series- Possum Creek Massacre

The blurb-

Renowned for her witch hunting skills, Detective Amaya Lombard knew that being summoned from the coastal rainforest of Oregon to the backwoods hollers of Kentucky meant the case was something special. From the moment she arrived at the magic soaked scene in an abandoned farmhouse she knew how bad it was going to be. She had no idea just how complicated it was going to get, professionally and personally. Now she must catch a killer before they catch her. The roots of evil plunge deeply into the past, and the blood soaked history of Kentucky’s witch warded houses and barns may hold the key to keeping her alive in the present.

Intrigue and twists and turns, a great read, as always from Cedar.

Lastly, my friend Neil Hansen has finally written his story about his time with Air America and what came after- Flight- An Air America pilot’s story of adventure, descent, and redemption

The blurb-

In 1964, I embarked on a journey that was to be my life’s adventure.  I hired on as a pilot for Air America and its clandestine operations in Southeast Asia. 

     Flying for the CIA’s secret airline was a dream come true.  Air America’s operations were unknown.  Its schedules were irregular.  Its pilots were shadow people.  It was the world of spooks, covert air ops and adventure.  I had already been a pilot for more than half of my life when I left my home in Detroit for the wild escapades that awaited me in Southeast Asia.  Air America had been the pinnacle of my life and, had the trajectory remained steady, my world and my career should have gone onward and upward from that point. 

     The intent of telling my story is to take the reader on an historical journey of a little-known place in time through my own personal account.  Within the context of history, my narrative is not to be considered anything but my own experience.

     The ranks of Air America were comprised of a host of patriotic professionals who deserve a place of honor in the annals of history.  However, many colorful characters wore the Air America wings, and inside the course of my narrative, the reader will be subjected to people and situations that cannot be filed neatly under anything resembling normal sanity. 

Most names, except those of a known or high-ranking or public nature, and those I wish to recognize for heroic performances, have been changed to protect the innocent and guilty alike.  

This is not a book for the faint of heart. Neil tells his story without sugar coating anything. I’ve known Neil for almost 30 years, and have heard many of these in his own voice. Neil was also written about by Christopher Robbins in the book Air America, which was made into the movie, Air America, starring Robert Downey.


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    • Me too. Already have a copy on my kindle. I’ll read it next.

  1. Me three.

    From the preview on amazon
    “Description of item lost: jacket flight kit and contents etc.

    How discovered? By watching the aircraft impact the ground and explode

    Action taken? Continued parachute descent to ground”

    It’ll be on the kindle tonight!

  2. I will have to give this a read. I read the Robbins book long ago. (I remember liking “The Ravens” better, but these are fascinating topics.)