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This was earlier this week, and with a TC/hurricane coming, and the possibility of 18-20 inches of rain, they could be in trouble. Add in 3-6 feet of possible storm surge that ‘could’ make it to NOLA, and that could overtop the levees, since the Mississippi is at around 17 feet, and some of the levees are only 18 feet-20 feet.


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  1. Praying and hoping the people in Nawlins have a place to evacuate to if the levees break again. A real mess to drag themselves out of a 2nd time and a lot of people will just stay moved away.

    • This creates a real personal crisis. On one hand, there is the sanctity of life and that all should be preserved. On the other, I have little sympathy for those who continue to condone the corruption of the Big Easy. I do not want to them journey elsewhere to infect other parts of the country. We have seen that after Katrina where a sudden and significant insurgence of refugees resulted in a change in demographics who continued to vote for asinine pols with asinine politics just as they had done in Nawlins. Screw them people.

  2. Found out the hard way that FEMA won’t provide assistance to flood victims if they stayed in a flood plain after being flooded out once. Cue “it’s all Trump’s fault” in 3.. 2..

    That said, I pray the people actually get out before being trapped, and have a place to go.

  3. New Orleans wraps itself around the shores of lake Pontchartrain like a crescent moon. It sits below the water level of the lake by means of a system of levees and pumps that are supposed to control the water level and drain away water when it gets too high. The federal government has subsidized the maintenance of the levees and pumps via the Army Corps of Engineers for decades. But every time the Corps dumps more money into the maintenance system, the money mysteriously disappears before any serious work ever gets done. It has been this way for decades. The corruption runs so deep, it will never be rooted out. It is unfortunate, but New Orleans will never change and one day, another Katrina will come along and the city will disappear underwater like a modern day Atlantis.

    • The structures may become forever submerged but the people will migrate elsewhere. To your town, perhaps. And they will bring their God awful attitudes and politics with them. And you will find that you are no longer represented because those people will congregate in a mass so large as to subordinate you. You will become a minority in your own place and without a voice. Remember, gerrymandering is in.

      But hey, great news! The ever more chimp-outs will provide more fodder for blogs and memes.

      • So, the proper federal response to any warning of a hurricane heading for NO should be to blow the bridges and set up a blockade at the Bonnet Carre floodway.

  4. I have relatives who live down there and they play a game about waiting until the last minute to get out of town when the water is rising and then they make the long bridge one big assed parking lot. They have done that for decades and of course them folk without de cars who should have been bused out at the first sign of danger just sit back and make sure they have enough of their preferred alcohol and other happy stuff to make it though the disaster them white folk caused due to climate emergency and it is, fill in the blank ‘Bush’s Fault, Trump’s Fault cause ain’t no Deeeeemocrat gonna hurt de folk like them Republicans ever since they went and died in the 1860’s or something.

    Sorry, two Scotches and water and knowing a bit about those folk my heart really does go out to them if this next perfect storm comes about because a lot of little kids and dumb shits will be in a bad situation.

  5. Maybe God will finally get tired of all the crookedness and debauchery that takes place down there and let the water continue to rise till it meets Pontchartrain, and never retreat!

  6. LSP- Isn’t it 🙂

    Ray/Old/Ev- Yep, don’t disagree. We sold our place down there after Camille. And the rest of the cousins DO NOT live in NOLA. They’re up north of the lake or in Baton Rouge.

  7. If God keeps letting Nawwlins slide he owes Sodom and Gamora an apology..

  8. Yeah, possible Katrina 2.0 as to flooding. I sent Murphy’s Law that meme – he flew right back into that mess.I imagine he’s right busy now.

  9. My father was once the Corps of Engineers IG for the Vicksburg District: Vicksburg, MS to the mouth of The River. He said Mississippi state levee construction/maintenance was hampered by the lack of literate workers.
    LA was hampered by the total corruption of the system … from the State capitol down to the individual levee districts.