Yesterday was Monday, ALL (*&(&# day…

Friends were passing through from out of town, so we wanted to take them to lunch at our favorite BBQ place.  Except it was closed…

Alternatives? Hey, good Mexican. Sure, sounds good…

So, off we go to the Mexican place. Annddd… find out the wife thinks ketchup is spicy…

But we’re there. So she searches through the menu to find the least spicy thing (ended up with street tacos which were pretty good, according to her). We had already warned the hubby to watch the salsa. And it was a ‘bit’ spicy… (matter of fact it was a distinct shade of green, which means they had more jalapenos than tomatoes in it). It only took 2 bites to start sweating, which was better than last time!

But all in all, it was a great lunch (for most of us), and great times chatting. They’re headed west, so checked in with some other folks and got them recommendations for restaurants and ‘things’ to do on their trip.

Headed back home and it started sprinkling rain. We could use the rain… Get about 10 drops and that’s it. And the humidity went up. And it’s 101 yesterday…

In other news, it seems that Obama and Bernie can make comments about Bawl’more that are ‘whitewashed’ by the media, but Trump can’t…

And crap like this…


Is what they are ‘proud’ of???


Oh, and lastly, I was talking to one of my high school classmates yesterday afternoon. She remembered a road trip a bunch of us did back in 1969 during spring break to go up and play on the river. Including who rode with who, what people wore, and how much trouble she got in for getting back late, since we went to a party when we got back in town… Sigh… I ‘kinda’ remember the trip… vaguely…

This routine by Mark Gugnor had me laughing a shaking my head in agreement…

Hopefully the week improves… HOPEFULLY!!!


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  1. I’ve learned by bitter experience that one person’s “mildly spicy” might mean actual flames burst from my mouth after the tiniest taste.

    Men’s and women’s brains. Yes, he nailed it.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Hope your week gets better. As far as the man women thing goes, I had used the analogy…Men are DOS programs, we do one thing at a time and we do it exceeding well..We can’t multitask for crap. Now women are Window applications…they can have 2456 tabs open and running all the time and make it work. We guys can’t operate that way.

  3. Mark Gugnor has a small group curriculum for marriage enrichment called “Laugh Your Way to A Better Marriage.” Our small group at church picked that one as a study some years back. It’s really a great series! He addresses significant topics, but he also uses humor VERY effectively to take the sting out, and also to offer another path to persuade people that there truly ARE different ways that a man and a woman can approach a situation/problem, WITHOUT one being wrong and the other right.
    For example, he compares the path to physical intimacy to: kitchen appliances! He says that a woman’s physical arousal is akin to a crock pot, while a man’s is like a microwave. Therefore, the WISE husband will be sure to speak kindly and sweetly to his wife in the morning, as well as being affectionate when the work day is over, and, as Heinlein says, “rub her feet.”
    BTW: the biological basis for the man’s ‘boxes brain’ and the woman’s ‘wires brain’ is largely a function of fetal development. Up to a certain point, there is very little difference in the way that the two genders develop. However, when the differentiation DOES come about, and the males begin to develop testicles, there is a testosterone ‘wash’ in the brain, and you can literally observe the hemispheres splitting apart (although in normal development, substantial connections still remain). The female babies retain far more connections between the left and right halves of the brain, which continues throughout the entire life cycle, and it is theorized that these connections are the reason behind alleged “intuitive” decisions. They really AREN’T magical, although they may seem that way; it’s just that the female has access to more input, often at a sub-conscious level.

  4. Sounds like my sister in law. She likes to make salsa which she gives as gifts at Christmas. I’m always given what she calls “hot.” By my book it’s on the border of mild and medium. Different tastes I guess.

  5. Salsa’s not hot. Thai and southern Indian curries are HOT!

  6. My appreciation for “heat” has decreased with age. No more, “If you aren’t sweating, you aren’t eating”, to steal a line from Richard Marcinco.

  7. Yes, definitely tastes change over time.

    I worked in Malaysia for a couple of years.

    I guess that I must have acclimated to the Malaysian food, because after the contract ended, and I returned home full-time, I made rogan josh – a spicy beef dish – for the family dinner one day.

    I deliberately toned the heat quotient WAAAAY down, but the wife and kids found it too spicy to eat, while I thought it was kind of bland.

  8. Have gotten a lot of mileage passing on Mark Gungor’s stuff. Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it is far funnier too.

    “Because quite frankly, we don’t care”. I have to chuckle every time I am reminded of that.

  9. Reminds me of my wife a bit, but she doesn’t think ketchup is “hot”.

    Stuff I gulp down sends her running in search of a glass of milk and a piece of bread!

  10. John- True… LOL

    Bob- Good point! 🙂

    Pat/Brig- Yes, he’s good! And on the money too!

    Jim- Yep, we all have different reactions to ‘heat’.

    TXRed- Oh yeah! (waving my burned tongue)

    WSF- Mine’s stayed about the same, so far… 🙂

    Sendarius- Understood. The hottest Indian food I’ve ever had was in London! Sigh…

    RHT- Agreed!

    drjim- LOL, yep it happens.

  11. I didn’t know you were friends with my parents!

    Kidding, but Mom’s the same way; just a hint of any sort of seasoning and she’ll complain that it’s “too spicy!” And Dad won’t touch Mexican food, or anything else that might possibly be “hot” with a ten foot pole.

    • I’m the same way (though spicy doesn’t like me back, f***ing reflux), but my parents’ spicy limit – especially Mom – is pretty much Absolute Zero. As in they’ll complain about how hot something is and everyone else at the table will look at them like they’re nuts.

  12. Strange about memory. Like you I don’t remember details, but before he passed away last year the guy who was my best man (1972) told me in amazing detail the trip we took to New Orleans in 1970. I had vague memories at best.