And it’s begun…

So much for that ‘due process’ on Red Flag laws… At least in Florida…

Article, HERE.

While this appears to be ‘accidental’, ironically, this is playing out almost EXACTLY as Lawdog predicted, HERE.

So now the gent is without any weapons, and it’s going to cost him who knows how much time AND money to get his own property back…

I just don’t have the words without resorting to cussing…


And it’s begun… — 17 Comments

  1. And of course, he probably can’t sue the system and people involved that screwed him because of immunity laws. Or it will be just too damned expensive to try and drag them into court. He’s screwed.

  2. Just saw that over at Kenny’s place. Makes me nervous that I have a name that is very common in the U.S. today. I think my guns may get lost in a “boating accident” soon.

  3. Hey Olde NFO;

    I am seriously concerned, sure “Red flag” laws seem to make sense to the uninitiated..Sure take guns away from bad people before they do bad things….but the problem goes into “Define bad…?” shooting up a mall is bad…but to some people supporting Trump is bad and you are a nazi and deserve everything bad that happens to you mindset is a slippery slope bad and lets report you to the popo because you support someone they hate and it is ok because they are “doing the work of good”. It is a bad way to go, besides violating “due process and presumption of innocence” with is a benchmark of our legal system for over 200 years. This will end badly….and I see a lot of canoe accidents.

  4. None of the previous efforts of the gun grabbers has disarmed the country. This one won’t either. It will embolden them, and the pols can point to their base saying, “See, we did something”. The fight will never end until firearm owners find some way to inflict pain on the gun grabbers, IMO.

  5. Remember when Sen. Kennedy found himself on the no-fly list because he had the same name as a criminal? Good times, good times.

  6. And there’s always the possibility, before he has a day in court, that his firearms were “mistakenly identified for destruction as unclaimed.”

    A stretch? maybe, but how do we know? if this did happen, who would hold the sheriff’s office accountable? they can just say it was a paperwork error. Asset forfeiture has been policy for many offices for two decades, roughly, and property is disposed of all the time at auction.

  7. It is absolutely true that any law can be abused in its enforcement to suit a purpose. The other thing that is true is that there is no guarantee that any law will not be abused. Our protections under the Bill of Rights are only enforced after the fact.

    These are the reasons that the Second Amendment exists to begin with. To stop the revocation of the people’s rights. This Amendment is the fail safe for our Republic if in the event that it has run away with power. It is like the ‘Break Glass in case of Fire’. Only used when it is the only way to respond.

    In an individual basis it is impossible to stop this type of illegal activity by police and the judicial system. By the time others find out about something like this happening it is already too late.

    What may make a difference is to have a few hundred citizens who are in disagreement with the action show up for each and every hearing and make it clear that this type of enforcement is wrong and should not happen. No menacing mind you. Just a resolute and determined support group.

    Corrupt DAs and law enforcement will continue to use illegal enforcement and intimidation to accomplish their goals. Even so, an organized citizenry is hard to ignore and the longer they play this game the bigger the response will be at the voting booth.

  8. Those red flag laws were enacted after the Parkland shooting, and no peep from the NRA or any other gun-rights supporting group was heard. And feckless Governor Scott, who should have shot them down, wanted to win an upcoming senate election(which eliminated the even more feckless and useless Bill Nelson from the US Senate.)

    Most Sheriffs and PDs won’t use these Red Flag laws. Unfortunately, in the areas that voted for Clinton and Obama, well, those sheriffs and other LEOs will.

    Hopefully Governor DeSantis will flush this pile of carp down the drain. Especially now that one real innocent has been snared by the liberal trap of gun control.

    • Not a chance. He appointed an anti-gun commissioner who oversees the department that issues carry permits, correct? And now FDLE is being sued for creating their own procedures to end-around existing law regarding the handling of permits. That is the first of TWO suits against FDLE regarding firearms, both to be litigated yet. DeSantis has not been our friend and is not likely to become one in my opinion.

      • He didn’t appoint her. She was elected by duh people (basically ballot stuffing in Whorlando, Gainesville and the Broward-Coward area.) Everyone was concentrating on the governorship and Nelson’s senate seat, leaving the Ag Commissioners position poorly fought for, and it’s the Ag Commissioner that has control over CCW permits and all sorts of things barely and not even associated with Agriculture.

        She fully announced being an anti-gun bunny and a socialist scum enviro-fascist. So, of course, she wins the position of Agriculture Commissioner. And appoints more socialist anti-gun idjits to be in charge of CCW permits and departments regulating gun stores, shooting ranges AND gun manufactures. Statewide Facepalm Ensues. And the sound of millions of “D’oh!” resonate throughout the galaxy…

        DeSantis fired Sheriff Scott Israel in Broward County. Pretty much one of the first things he did.

        He’s also fighting the scum that Crist and Scott allowed to infiltrate FDLE. He’s much like Trump, he can only do so much as the bureaucracy allows, and he’s fighting it.

        He’s much more friendly than Scott, who was not ever a friend of Florida’s gun-rights. But he was friendlier than Crist. And Bush was a waffle, but was good for hollering for Fed attention whenever swirly storms approached (unlike some governors of Louisiana (cough, cough…)

        • Oh, DeSantis has also pushed for anti-sanctuary city/county legislation, which got passed.

          Suck it, Alachua County, City of Gainesville and Sheriff Darnell!!

          So, in conclusion, DeSantis may not be perfect, but he’s a damned sight better than Gillum or any other candidate would have been. Now if the bureaucrats would just go swimming in some red tide and stage a massive die-off…

  9. For years, I had to prove my identity at airline check ins because my rather common name was on the “no fly” list. I could not do curbside check in and it scared the crap out of a sweet airline agent in Singapore when the alert came across her computer screen. She literally turned white and almost ran to get her boss. Too much is at stake here for this stuff to be funny.

  10. Those who know me know my given name is VERY common.
    As for contacting my political reps:
    1 US senator was Hillary’s running mate.
    The other is spending August recess at his home … on Martha’s Vineyard.
    My US Rep. has been a Sanctuary maven since he was County Supervisor where he fought for CCW preemption.
    My state Delegate is a carpetbagger from Chicago by the name of Ibraheem Samirah and is proud to be “a voice for the Muslim citizens of Virginia.”
    My state senator is a sack of excrement who wouldn’t know one end of cartridge from another.
    I AM SO F**KED.

  11. The wrong person had his rights denied. A gun owner killed by a SWAT team at O’Dark Thirty during a gun seizure raid. A person jailed for speaking the truth AND owning guns. When it comes to “red flag laws” all the above are FEATURES of the law…..not bugs.