Things that don’t add up… Or do they???

So, a mechanic supposedly pissed about a maintenance contract decides to sabotage an airplane. Now all of the mechanics I know would cheerfully take this guy out behind the hangar and beat him within an inch of his pathetic life.

Saying that he didn’t ‘mean’ anything is BS, this was an overwater flight, which had it taken off from Miami, would have gone down over water, pretty much ensuring the loss of ALL aboard.

The criminal complaint filed in federal court in Miami said American Airlines mechanic Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani, who works at Miami International Airport, admitted to investigators that on July 17 he intentionally blocked a plane’s sensor that monitors speed, pitch and other critical data.

Full article, HERE.

I know which way ‘I’ am leaning on this…

What are your thoughts?


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  1. Sounds like a case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome. One cure for that.

  2. Dilbert Dunker ride with a faulty belt latch that wonโ€™t release

    • You stole my line, Jim, damnit. I wasn’t quick enough.

      A deep dive into his personal history is called for, but will that happen? It stinks of jihadi mischief.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    When I read that, I was pissed, I am a chemtrail technician, and this goes against what we are taught, it is drummed into our head, the responsibility an A&P mechanic has, we literally have the fate of the flying public in our hands, we do everything in our power to ensure that the airplane is “Airworthy”. The company can’t pressure us to “Work Faster” because all we have to do is call the FAA and say that we are pressured to release unsafe airplanes, that would be a nightmare for the company involved. That is why the slowdowns at American and Southwest are so effective, the company has no recourse. To say that he did this to protect the contract is disingenuous at best, he had other ways to ground an airplane that doesn’t involve flight safety. This is flat out sabotage. From what I read of the article, he blocked one of the Pitot tubes and this would have caused a conflict with the FMC(Flight Management Computer) and that would have generated an “ICASS” message that there was a problem. Basically the Pitot tube readings have to be the same on both sides or it generates an “Error” message. An average airplane has 2, those are the tiny spear looking things on the nose of the airplane. It measures airspeed, Basically, a pitot tube is used in wind tunnel experiments and on airplanes to measure flow speed. It’s a slender tube that has two holes on it. The front hole is placed in the airstream to measure what’s called the stagnation pressure. The side hole measures the static pressure. I don’t know if it was sudden Jihadi syndrome or just being an asshole. This stuff gives the rest of us a black eye in the flying public.

  4. Sounds similar to what caused the Air France 447 crash or it could just be me being paranoid

  5. A most unfortunate choice of name for our hero. Dunno the details of the dispute ‘twixt the mechanics and management, but I can confidently say the guy is A) an idiot, B) greedy C) deserving of “Texas Justice”, or D) some combination thereof. Perhaps Abdul should be forced to ride in the planes he services.

  6. Waterboard him in Gitmo, every two hours, because we can.
    Maybe he knows something.
    That, daily, for ten years.
    Then ask him if he’d like to be executed by being thrown out of a C-130 at 10K’ altitude wrapped in pigskin and anchor chain, or simply staked out and eaten by actual pigs.

    There is no Option C in this evolution.

  7. Aesop:

    Comments from you always brighten my pre-coffee morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your first execution suggestion is a poor one, though, due to the carbon offset needed to fuel the C-130. Gotta be green y’know.

    Seriously, though, we don’t yet know that the guy wasn’t merely an idiot and not a terrorist; going directly to torture and execution might be a wee bit extreme so early in the game.

    • Anybody trying to crash an over-water flight on a plane full of people is a terrorist, de facto and de jure.
      But rather than assume so in haste, I’m willing to patiently wait ten years for the post-waterboarding report.

      If they’ll televise it, we can make it twenty years.

      And the thought of him watching himself plummet to the ocean’s surface, dying a thousand deaths before actual impact, warms the cockles of my cold green amphibious heart.

  8. He has a history of poor maintenance practices and a termination resulting from.
    This was deliberate, of course.
    A labor dispute tactic?
    Attempted murder, as many counts as crew and passengers.

  9. I’m inclining the same way everyone else is. Either 1. a “philosophically” motivated action or 2. a nasty [email protected] who wanted to hurt people and the company just to get even with them for [whatever]. Which fits a lot of the cultures that embrace the philosophy mentioned in option one.

  10. PK/Jim- Possible… And it’s been awfully quiet…

    46- Oh yeah…

    Bob- With AB’s ‘known’ issues with the ICASS and differential readings, this was attempted murder as far as I’m concerned. Who knows what the computer would have done had they actually gone flying?

    Bad- Agreed!

    Robert- Yes, by himself…

    Aesop- That works too!

    Robert- Maybe…

    Ed- Concur on the attempted murder

    TXRed- On the money. Dammit…

  11. Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani

    How did he come to the USA? He’s been here many years, but what brought him here and how did he enter? Who are his people back home? Who could have gotten to him?

    I realize that sounds Islamophobic and possibly racist (though Islam is not a race).

    I’m afraid that my tolerance for sand people is just not that high. Sorry/not sorry.

  12. Islam isn’t compatible with Western civilization.

    Yes, I am jumping to that conclusion.

  13. Pretty much (and winds prevailing) every take off from Miami International is a overwater flight as they take off eastbound. From the end of the runaway to the Atlantic Ocean is barely 9 miles and that including the jump over Miami Beach and that is not enough time to even begin to turn inland.

  14. He should be executed by being tossed into a jet engine that’s being decommissioned anyways, with the output over water so the various water-pigs (sharks, rays, crabs, oysters, clams, whatever) can get a piece of the action.

    The fact that the MSM is NOT reporting his religious affiliation very loudly or not at all tells us everything we know. Yes, he’s muslim, probably from one of the radical mosques we have in Florida, lots of radical mosques (like the one on US441 on the south side of Gainesville, they are everywhere and nothing’s been done about it even after the Pulse Nightclub murders) everwhere but especially in South Florida in Dem controlled territory.

    And I’m not conspiracy nutting on this one. This airline towelhead probably goes to the same mosque that the 9-11 anal circular muscles went to. Which, if I remember, was never really investigated or shut down.

  15. No proof, but EXTREMELY suspicious circumstances and explanation given. That MSM was so careful in description of mechanic is clear indication they are worried terrorism may be an explanation.

  16. A Wall and 12 riflemen. But Easop and Beans’ suggestions are OK by me.

  17. Oh, hell, just hogtie him and let him alone in a warehouse with every other A&P on the airport, and a statement when they enter that there are no recording devices, and no legal action will be taken for anything they choose to do.

    A&Ps like solving problems such that they stay solved, and given a breaker bar or two, and a knowledge of what he did to our professional reputation, problem could be solved right quick. And stay solved.

  18. “At this point, what difference does it make?”

    Besides, anything he MAY have done was in justified reaction to the pervasive Islamophobia and institutionalized racism upon which AmeriKKKa was founded.

    To understand the righteousness of his alleged actions, which are predicated on centuries of systematic oppression suffered by his people, you must first understand that Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani is the REAL victim here.

  19. Randy- And it’s been VERY quiet since…

    BP- Yep… sigh

    Mike- ROTFLMAO… Well played sir, well played!

  20. I used to admire pilots and air crew back in my navy days. Back then and to this day we still have locks on the reduction gear inspection ports. Those guys and girls got into planes and helos and flew them hundreds of miles into the arctic ocean areas and they didn’t stand a chance if some mechanic decided to go all hatey mchate on them. And yet, we had all too many of them willing to drop a wrench in the works and kill the ship and took precautions.

    I still remember coming out of Karachi where we did a mass drug test and when the CHENG told the CO that having punished them at MAST he wasn’t go to let any of the 13 them into his enginerooms again and so just file for unplanned loss and get some new guys. Quickly.

  21. Unlawfull combatant followed by a public hanging. I’ve come to the conclusion that for the sake of civilisation we need to bring back the rope and the stocks. Oh, and caning. Works for Singapore. Surprisingly enough some of the left I know are beginning to come to the same conclusion. Little kids being grabbed by third worlders and dark ages diseases returning will do that.

  22. Nothing to see here folks…..just another episode of muzzie terrorism the powers that be refuse to call terrorism so that they can continue to import people into America who have SWORN to murder all of us.

  23. Just a moslem doing islam.

    It’s not a religion, it’s a political death cult.

  24. I recall reading in the mid 2000’s about Iraq and how the zillions spent on rebuilding their infrastructure (specifically the electrical grid) was not a resounding success. The article was not in the main stream media because it was written by some gubmint contractor who wanted to tell the truth. And the truth, as he understood it, was that after US technical people built a new generating station and connected it to the grid, it needed to be maintained. And the people who were there to do the maintenance had names like Abdul-Majeed Marouf Ahmed Alani. And the culture of those folks was such that they were brought up taught that people that did things like “maintenance” were low class people. Maintenance was not a job one could be proud of. Maintenance people such as the chemtrail technitian (LOL) who commented earlier would be looked down upon in their society. So other than alahu snackbar, this cultural trait might have had something to do with it.