Never Forget!!!

77 minutes…

That is how long it took to change America forever…

Take a moment to pause and reflect on today’s 18th remembrance of 9/11. I would urge you in your own way and own time this Friday, to remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice that day and for those that have given their all over these past 18 years in ensuring our freedoms and liberties have been maintained. Remember as well those brave men and women that continue to serve today in harm’s way to ensure that the ongoing conflicts remain an “away game” for the United States and allows each of us to enjoy our daily lifestyle in our own way.

We were challenged but not broken that fateful day, which changed the way we live and think forever. Some of us can recall exactly where we were when we learned of the horrific terrorist attacks occurring at the Twin Towers in NY, Pentagon, and an open field in Pennsylvania. We shall never forget September 11th, 2001 nor the 2977 victims of that tragic day, and the thousands of first responders that have died since then. Take the time, right now, to recall where you were and your own personal reaction. And educate the new generation. They were BORN in 2001. To them 9/11 is nothing more than a link to some historic pictures and ‘stuff’.

Remember and never forget. 

The timeline…
* 0846ET.  American Flight #11 impacts the World Trade Center North Tower, New York City
* 0903ET.  United Flight #175 impacts the World Trade Center South Tower, New York City
* 0937ET.  American Flight #77 impacts the Pentagon, Arlington, VA
* 1003ET.  United Flight #93 crashes in a field in Stonycreek Township, PA

77 minutes…


Never Forget!!! — 19 Comments

  1. Borepatch’s 9/11 post brought a lump to my throat. “Someone Did Something” just loses the essence of what those families lost.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    We honor those that died on that day, those that continued to fight, not since Pearl Harbor was such an event and it changed our country. We can’t forget although a lot of democrats would wish we would forget.

  3. I still get angry at the images from 9/11 – and pray that our United States can survive the attacks on our way of life from without and also from within. The latter are way too common these days – and are from people who have forgotten the lessons of history, if they ever knew them.

  4. What little confidence I had in our government went away that day. What grew was my confidence in my fellow citizens to rise to the occasion.

  5. I was working 2nd shift at the Sheriff’s Office. I told my people that their grandparents could still remember where they were on December 7th, 1941 and that they’d be telling their kids and grandkids about 9/11/2001.

  6. I was sitting in the conference room at the accounting firm where I worked watching the whole thing unfold. There wasn’t much billable time logged that day. No one could wrap their head around what we were seeing. It all seemed unreal. It gets my blood pressure up to this day and will until my heart stops beating. Never forget means exactly that to me.

  7. And never forget who set up the barriers between the CIA, the FBI and the military, and who treated acts of terrorism as ‘international crime’ and screwed the US royally before 9-11-01.

    Never forget the traitors in our midst that let the enemy inside our shores. That protected the enemy. That made money off the enemy.

    Those same forces are still working in our government today. Witness the lack of reaction to several follow-up acts of terrorism.

    I will never forget. Part of me died that day, knowing my view that the world was, overall, becoming safer was a lie.

    I will always remember.

    And I find it sad and horrible that people I know who were alive on that day try not to remember.

    I watch the shows not out of some sick morbid fascination (which people accuse me of) but out of a need to remember each moment, to see again and again the evil that lives on this world.

    • I can’t watch the towers fall. I just can’t. I didn’t even still photos until two-three days later, and there are some things that evoke such a visceral response that avoiding them is better for the people around me.

      But I remember. Oh, I remember.

  8. My wife and I attended the local 9/11 memorial service at the Fire Dept. Training Center and we were gratified to see the number of kids that were taken out of school by their parents in order to learn more about a day that really did change us as a country. I’m old enough to remember a previous event that was called “a day of infamy”.
    We will NEVER forget.

  9. Tole- Yep.

    Beans- Those ‘rice bowls’ are what got us where we were then, and it’s not much better now…

    TXRed- For me, it’s the Pentagon. Knowing my friends never knew what hit them is the only solace.

    WR- That’s great news! And no, NEVER FORGET!

  10. I had to pause and check the math, but this year marks the first anniversary of that day where more of my life has been in the post-9/11 world that the pre-9/11 world. I am not really sure what to make of that.

    For at least a generation of Americans, that day marked the loss of our innocence. The world after was a very different place than the world before, or perhaps the world was the same and we were just awoken to the reality around us.

  11. Old WW- For those of us that were military, it was the same. It was the fact that the s**t we’d been putting up with for years was brought to America’s shores, much to our shame, because we hadn’t been able to stop it before it got here.

  12. It’s been 18 years, watching the videos and looking at the photos never gets any easier.

  13. This was my generation’s Pearl Harbor. I remember watching this in class on those roll in TV carts. Was a Sophemore.

    I remember going for a run that night and looking up to see no sign of planes. Was surreal.

    Aaaand, 18 years later I’ve nothing good to say about the fallout from that day. Of my class, many served, but none dead of direct combat. One suicide, but I didn’t know the guy so couldn’t say if it’s related.

  14. It was just moslems doing islam, as their koran demands.

    It’s a political death cult, not a religion.

    It has been at war with civilization for 1400 years and now Trump wants to “negotiate” with the taliban.

    What a waste….

  15. Why Mecca wasn’t a smoking, radioactive hole in the ground on 09/12 is beyond me. Rather then do “nation building” we should have bombed Mecca into radioactive glass, called it good and moved on.

    I’m sorry, I lost a friend on 9/11 who was a firefighter running into the Trade Center just before it collapsed. He had a wife and two kids.

    Islam is not a religion of “peace” but of war. I celebrate 07/25 every year–look it up. It isn’t only my birthday, but something big happened during that date.

    I have read the Koran. Sorry, it was an English translation, but “death to the infidels” is sort of a recurring theme.

    Please govern yourselves accordingly.