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Ladies day!

First up, Laura Montgomery’s new series, book 1, Simple Service.

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The blurb-

A lost starship. A lost colony.

Two factions. One expendable son.

When the colony’s governor requisitions the colonists’ personal weapons, Peter Dawe’s father sets him a simple task. Get their weapon back.

But the Marss have all the technology, and Peter, a second generation colonist, the youngest of ten, the expendable son, must contend with the guard, palace politics, and his biggest problem of all, Simon, his brother.

Twists, turns, and dealing with family… sigh… 🙂

Next up, Alma Boykin with the final book in the Colplatschki Chronicles- Fountains of Mercy.

The blurb-

Fires dance in the sky, and the great machines fail.

Colonial Plantation LTD can’t decide what to do with Solana, also called ColPlat XI. Should it be a nature preserve, a living museum of pre-industrial techniques, or a standard colony? As the bureaucrats wrangle, a solar storm disrupts technology and reveals deep rifts between the colonists and their administrators.

Susanna “Basil” Peilov clawed her way out of the slums and wants nothing to do with the Company. Peter Babenburg just wants to build his water system and stay out of trouble. When the sky-fires come, Basil, Peter, and their families and friends stand between the colony and chaos. Company administrators assure everyone that replacement parts and assistance is coming, will come. Without those supply ships from the stars, everything falls apart and the colony will die. All that people can do is wait and hope for rescue.

The administrators never planned on facing a group of engineers, a crazy farmer and his wives, and colonists determined to protect their home. Hope comes from some unlikely places, and courage takes eccentric shapes.

Enjoyed this one immensely!


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  1. And with a simple click of the mouse, my reading list gets longer. Actually it was two clicks.

    Remember that Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith where he finally had time to read and breaks his glasses? I sorta feel that my expectations of how much reading time I’d have in retirement were as much wrong as his expectations.

    “I’m retired!” John in Philly whined. “I’m supposed to be able to read as much as I want to!” he continued.
    “Your constant whining is getting on my nerves” John’s wife said in no uncertain terms. “Why don’t you stop whining and do something about it?”
    John’s brow furrowed in intense concentration as he headed for the basement workshop.
    He wasn’t seen again for many years.

    Thank you for the suggestion. 🙂